There’s something both wonderful and terrifying about writing a sequel.

Wonderful because you care about your characters so much already that it makes spending time with them such a pleasure, but also, because you care so much about your characters already, you’re partly terrified of not doing them justice.

Thankfully there was not a lot of time to be terrified with this particular sequel.

Leaving Saint and Rachel at the end of Manwhore, I was so ready to jump back in I didn’t waste a second! I think it’s important to write it when it’s hot, and those two were blazing for each other, so I was anxious to see where their story would go.


Briefly as I began Manwhore +1, I wondered if my plot would be linear or if I’d rather start the book around the middle and then go back. But in the end, linear seemed to be the way to go; I just could not start at a different point when their relationship was hanging so precariously in the balance. I know I made the right call because that first scene has stayed with me from the moment I wrote it!

What’s great about sequels is that you know your characters very well by Book Two, and if you get lucky, they will only reveal more fascinating tidbits of themselves in the next installment. You don’t have to wonder (as is the case in the first book) who they are or if they have siblings. You know by now exactly who they are, what they want, and where they stand.

The fact that your characters already exist and are no longer being created may be limiting in some ways—for you have to work within the boundaries you’ve already created—but it’s also freeing in the sense that you have nothing to guess, the path is clear for you to explore things on a much deeper level. Whereas the first book sets up the story and budding romance, sequels are mostly about an establishing, deepening, and solidifying of your hero and heroine’s desires and future together.


I had only written one sequel in my life before Manwhore +1, and I wasn’t sure if I was up to writing another. I wrote my sequel to REAL, MINE, in the midst of the huge worldwide success REAL achieved, and there was a lot of speculation about MINE, a lot of pressure, and my first actual book deadline.

Things took longer than I had anticipated, mostly because it took me a while to shut out the outside ‘noise’ to be able to steer my focus back on my characters. I had decided, in that moment, that I’d rather not write under such pressure, and that it might be the last sequel I wrote.

But soon after Manwhore was underway, I realized I needed two books to tell Rachel and Saint’s story to the fullest, and I am glad I didn’t challenge the stories I had in me to tell.

With both Manwhore and Manwhore +1, you get the full experience of their love story in toe-tingling detail, their incredibly chemistry and connection exquisitely captured in both tomes plus a novella to follow. To say I am excited to share Manwhore +1 this week is an understatement!

Rachel is one of my favorite heroines, innocent and hopeful, hardworking and down-to-earth. Malcolm Saint is more alone than he seems; larger-than-life, elusive and powerful, a player who wants to get real with one woman and one woman alone.

Readers, this is the Happily Ever After you’ve been waiting for!