XOXO After Dark is excited to have a new contributor. Welcome Kris!

Warm hellos from the intern desk! I spend most of my days writing, including drafting galley letters and press releases for our upcoming romance titles! Which makes it impossible to not flip through the books or not let my eyes linger on a cover for too long.

Getting to work with these titles is great for exploring the literary side of romance. While I happily grew up on Austen and still read a ton, in the books I pick up, romance is usually a subplot. On occasion I do enjoy a YA romance but those hurt my soul. I’m looking at you, John Green.

When I’m not on the clock, I watch a lot of shows. And I ship. Like, a lot.

Shipping 101: What is shipping?

Character A + Character B = SHIP.

It’s rooting for romance to happen. There are no rules! If you like Character A and Character B and wish for the two to be in a relationship, that’s a ship! Any ship can occur from the unimaginable to the existing. Also feel free to ship across realities. Yes. That happens. And ships often result in delightful and cute portmanteaus of names.

Here’s a list of my ten favorite ships in no particular order:

Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser, Outlander

Their chemistry is undeniable. Their dialogue is gripping. And the sex is hot.


Richard Castle and Katherine Beckett, Castle

I am a little behind on season seven. But I can’t tell you how many times I rewatched Caskett moments from when they’re in-sync, Castle bringing Beckett coffee, Beckett tolerating Castle’s outlandish ideas to their back-and-forth jealousy. The early seasons were definitely the best for Caskett moments, but Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller know how to always keep the romance alive.












Lee “Apollo” Adama and Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, Battlestar Galactica 

Oh god, their relationship was an emotional rollercoaster ride.

BSG is a must-see if you haven’t already. It’s my favorite show. So say we all.


Doctor Henry Morgan and Detective Jo Martinez, Forever

It’s a shame that this show got the axe. The two of them had so much chemistry and I was so looking forward to season two. If you love procedurals and adorable will they/won’t they moments, Forever is the show for you!


Kasidy Yates and Benjamin Sisko, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Romance isn’t done really well in Star Trek, but DS9 did a good job nonetheless. Out of all the pairings in DS9, Yates and Sisko set the romance bar high, far above Odo/Kira and Dax/Worf.

“For the Cause” and “Rapture” are the two episodes I would point to for anyone interested in love far beyond the stars.


Bo and Lauren, Lost Girl

I was a Dybo fan for the longest time, but they had their run. Team Doccubus!


Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills, Sleepy Hollow

I think I used the word chemistry a gazillion times already, but Ichabbie is ridiculous. It’s great they didn’t go for an immediate pairing, and this is relationship development done right. Writers’ rooms take note!

Credit (1), Credit (2), Credit (3)

Clarke and Lexa, The 100

I was really caught off guard by that moment in the penultimate episode. Bellarke is obviously endgame and while it deserves great development, Clexa makes my shipping heart sing.

Credit (1), Credit (2)

Lois and Clark, Smallville

Clois was a wonderful slow burn, and it was definitely worth the wait. Smallville was the first tv show I followed from premiere to finale and it remains one of my favorites.


Allison Argent and Scott McCall, Teen Wolf

So Teen Wolf’s back this week and if you watched the premiere, your heart probably broke. Mine did. Even though Scott is (happily) with Kira now (and they’re really cute!), nothing compares to your first love.


Some honorable mentions but not limited to  Wash and Zoe (Firefly), Hayley and Elijah (The Originals), Fred and Wesley (Angel). Oliver and Felicity (Arrow), and Glenn and Maggie (The Walking Dead).

This list, like all lists, is naturally incomplete. If you have another ship in mind, please tell me about it in the comments!

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