searching-for-beautiful-9781476780108_hrNew York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst knows her music–keep reading to hear from the author on her favorite ditties for everything from wedding song to inspirational tunes for book-writing! And be sure to pick up a  copy of Searching for Always, the fourth sparkling installment in the Searching For series, out today from Gallery Books!

What’s Your Wedding Song?

Let’s talk about music.

A popular question to ask couples getting married is, “What’s Your Song?”

The usual response is an enthusiastic, lengthy and detailed explanation of the song they chose and WHY from the female. From the male, it’s usually…”Because she liked it.”

Umm, yeah.

So, being a female, I enjoy pairing romance and couples to songs. Every time I write one of my novels, I keep a playlist and publish it on Spotify. I think reading a book to the music that was playing while the author created it gives the book another dimension. It’s also fun.

Within each playlist, there’s a particular theme song that represents the book and its specific couple. When I write my novels, I fall deeply in love with my characters. Even years later, when I hear their particular song, my heart stops, and I’m transported back in time and remember the ups and downs of that book, and their road to happy ever after.

My last book, Searching for Beautiful, featured a very tortured hero. Only two songs would do for him to represent his journey in life, along with a turning point in his story with the heroine. Both songs were played over and over without pause, until I was steeped in the emotion and allowed it to bleed onto the page. They are:

Demons by Imagine Dragons

Say Something by A Great Big World

Now, for Searching for Always, (Released TODAY!) I had a very different book. Yes, there was angst and painful pasts to reveal, but this was a true enemies to lover book, where banter and sarcasm littered the page, and the dance between Arilyn and Officer Stone Petty was poetic, seductive, and frustrating. There are many songs within the book that cry out with emotion but the theme song is from one of my all time favorite artists and reflect the mood, rhythm, and uniqueness of the book. It is:

You Make Me Sick by Pink

Sigh. I know. I couldn’t help it. Somehow, it just fits.

Have you ever read a book and imagined a particular song in the background? If so, come by and share.