In this week’s episode Heather launches her new line of “Champs” while not so accidentally declaring a favorite child and Susan is way off her game and looking really crazy.


1. When heather looks down her nose during the toast she looks like Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove. That said, I still love her.

2. Is it pink elephant or just the elephant (in the room)?

3. Oh Vicki, you’re so humble. “It’s like the Oscars for insurance…”

4. Susan is so shrill even when she’s whooping it up. I’m pretty sure car alarms go off when she “whoops”

5. Meagan is crafty and I’m loving those wine glasses, I just don’t really get why she brought them.

6. When did this show become a Sunday service? #saved

7. I’m learning so much from this Napa trip. Method Champ-en-something

8. Susan is a totally different person in this episode, what is going on with her

9. Honestly, I’ve always wanted to saber a champagne bottle.

10. How is 500,000 a budget for CABINETS… CABINETS!

11. Oh. My . God. Tamara had toilet paper hanging out of her dress.  How does that even happen?

12. Is Vagazzaling still a thing? Was that another reality show? I bet J.Lo Vagazzles… Woah, bring it back!

13. Susan, stop talking about having bad thoughts, you sound like Son of Sam!

14. Jimmy did a pirouette like a ballerina off the patio.  I don’t know if you saw that.  Stop and rewind!

15.  “Wheezing the juice” is making me super uncomfortable.

16. Tamara you creep, stop hovering! Even though that’s what we’re secretly, not so secretly doing.

17. Oh Susan, you don’t even know where you’re going you’re that angry.

18. On that note, I am not looking forward to Coffee Enemas next week :/