JUST ONCE 2FWith Kyra Davis’s Just Once More e-short coming out today–completely free of charge for a limited time–we invited her on to XOXOAD to let us know why she felt like diving back into the Just One Night world, and this time from the hero’s point of view . . . 

When I decided to write from Robert Dade’s perspective in my short story, Just Once More (a follow up to Just One Night), I was initially a little unsure of myself. How could I really know what goes on in men’s heads?

Of course it didn’t take long for me to realize I was asking myself the wrong question. I don’t need to know what goes on in all men’s heads because Robert Dade is not all men. He’s singular, a cut above—he’s Mr. Dade. And if there’s one motif that that runs through his life, his thoughts, his passions it’s this:


Robert not only places high value on his own dominance and ability to make the rules and compel everyone in his world play by them, he’s also attracted to the force and vitality of the few who have the potential to be his equals. When he first met Kasie in Just One Night, he recognized the suppressed strength, power, and intellect hiding beneath her docile-good-girl façade. Robert wanted to be the one to unleash that strength and power. He wanted to elevate her and have her by his side. He didn’t pursue Kasie in the hopes of making her his girlfriend. He pursued her in the hopes of making her his queen.

And as those who read Just One Night know, he did elevate Kasie. He helped her understand her own worth and got her to recognize her abilities. With Robert egging her on, Kasie found the fortitude to walk away from a toxic relationship and into Robert’s arms and bed. With his encouragement she stood up for herself at work. She even stood up to her manipulative parents. And eventually she became strong enough to stand up to Robert. And that’s when things got interesting.

Kasie wants more from life than power and control and she knows that on some level so does Robert. Just as he saw the internal power and ambition within her before she did, she sees the need for love and human connection in him that he has such a hard time acknowledging.

Just Once More is a short story about a man who is learning to reconcile the two opposing forces of his nature. He’s struggling to put down his metaphorical sword and shield and acknowledge his own vulnerability and fundamental need for Kasie, his queen. If he can do that he will truly have everything. If he can’t he will lose the only woman he has ever loved. He will lose his soul.

So yeah, I was able to get inside his head. I know what motivates him, what haunts him, what confuses him…I know his heart. Once you read Just Once More you’ll know it too.