who-i-am-with-you-9781476778648_hrMelody Anne has acquired thousands of devoted fans who love her sexy small-town romances featuring the meddling Anderson family. Recently, she’s expanded that world by introducing some friends of the Andersons, all of whom need their own happily-ever-afters! The Unexpected Heroes series includes both print books and e-novellas, including “Who I Am With You.” We asked some of our XOXperts what they thought of it, and also culled some bloggy reactions from around the web–do these reviews inspire you to check out the romantic goings-on in Sterling, Montana?


from XOXpert Kathy:

“Who I Am with You” is a quick, second chance at romance with a small-town setting. This wasn’t perfect but it was a sweet love story.

Taylor is recovering from a devastating accident that might end her career as a motocross racer. Fearing the worse she needs to get away from her overprotective family and takes a break at her brother’s remote cabin. But to her surprise she isn’t the only one escaping to the cabin. Travis, her brother’s best friend and her first love, also needs a place to get away to. The moment they meet it isn’t a happy reunion for Taylor. She is reminded of the pain from their past and vows to not get hurt by Travis again. But they are different people now and Travis wants a second chance. With her mind set on her career can Taylor make room for Travis in her life? You have to read this to find out!

I thought it was unique to have Taylor be a motocross racer…but it took me a while to actually like Taylor. She wants her family to take her seriously but I was annoyed with the pouting and the foot stomping when she didn’t get her way. This is a novella but I thought the romance between Taylor and Travis was too rushed. I felt they needed to deal with their past more.

Despite the problems I had with the story I did enjoy this novella. This is part of a series but it can be read as a standalone. This is the second book I have read from author Melody Anne and I do like her writing style. The Unexpected Heroes series has a group of meddling matchmakers that I am curious to read more about. “Who I Am with You” is a perfect choice for when you want a quick romance.


from Michelle at Four Chicks Flipping Pages:

If you are a fan of stories of first loves reuniting, then this book is for you!! Melody Anne never fails to give her readers those sexy yet sweet books that every romance addict loves. Melody Anne is one of my favorite authors because I know that I will always be left with a big fat smile on my face…Though this book was a short fast read, I loved the chemistry that Ms. Anne was able to showcase in the story. Who I Am With You is a sweet, sexy, endearing story of first love and second chances of life and love. So if you are looking for a book, that will leave a smile on your face then look no further.

from Chris at Two Classy Chics Chat:

I have read several of Melody Anne’s books now, one of which was Her Unexpected Hero…and she always tells a great story….I love the way that the author gives the guy the “All IN” and the girl is the one struggling with her feelings. It is a different way to tell the story and the guys are just so sweet! I just love Travis in this book! He is a perfect gentleman that wants his woman!

This is a fast read and a perfect choice when you want some quick relaxation with a complete ending! Sometimes in ebooks you end up with a cliffhanger, which I hate! This book by Melody Anne is lighthearted without the drama and an ending that you will love. The perfect read to give us the romance we want with characters that we like!


from XOXpert Zandalee:

Being a novella, this romance is bound to be fast paced and to the point. However, I felt like it was all a bit too rushed. I found it difficult to really get that connection from either of the characters. Taylor is in her early twenties, yet there were several moments where she came off as childish and immature. I understand the need to branch out and challenge her family’s constant coddling, but instead of handling it like an adult she acted like a rebellious teen.

Taylor and Travis’ relationship came on a little forced for me as the reader. Perhaps I can chalk it up to not reading the first book in this series, perhaps not. I’m sure if you’ve read Her Unexpected Hero prior to this one, you might have a better reading experience during this quick, second-chance romance.

and finally, from RT Book Reviews:


We’ve rounded up some of the best novellas of the season…[Taylor and Travis’s] story is a slow build, but once it starts to heat up, it really catches fire!