As any voracious reader knows, there are so many books out there, it can be hard to choose just what to read next. So what could be better than a hand-picked recommendation from someone in the know? Every Wednesday the XOXOAD team likes to find out what some of its favorite authors are reading. This week, we’ve asked Ian Halperin, author of the just-released tell-all WHITNEY & BOBBI KRISTINA  to tell us what he’s been burying his nose in these days! Keep reading to find out, and check out the excerpt from WHITNEY & BOBBI KRISTINA below!

What I’m Reading

I’m currently reading a riveting book called Starstruck by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett which turns its lens on the business side of celebrity.

My own books about pop culture icons often delve into the intricate behind the scenes process that goes into manufacturing celebrity, but Currid-Halkett brilliantly deconstructs our society’s pop culture fixation without trivializing it or looking down on the celebrity-obsessed masses.


WhitneyAndBobbiKThe cable guy was running late when he rang the doorbell at approximately 10:20 AM on January 31 at the luxury town house in Roswell, inside the well-heeled gated complex of the tiny Atlanta suburb where Whitney Houston had lived before her 2012 death.

The door was answered by Max Lomas, who was apparently unaware that Bobbi Kristina Brown—his ex-girlfriend—had been expecting a service call. He went off to look for her. Moments later, he found Bobbi lying facedown in a bathtub filled with water. Hearing cries of help, his buddy Nick Gordon came running. As the two pulled Bobbi’s body out of the bathtub, they were joined by Max’s girlfriend, Danyela Bradley, who had stayed over the night before.

At 10:29 AM, while Nick performed CPR, Max phoned 911 to report that a girl had been found “drowning.” In the nearly twenty minutes it took for paramedics to show up, the two men took turns attempting to revive the twenty-one-year-old young woman with whom both men had a tumultuous history. As Danyela looked on, terrified, she couldn’t help but notice that the bathwater was ice-cold and that the girl had strange marks around her mouth and chin.

Just under twenty minutes later, paramedics arrived and transported the unconscious victim by ambulance to the nearby North Fulton Hospital in Roswell. Less than an hour later, the world learned that Bobbi Kristina Brown was fighting for her life in circumstances that eerily paralleled the death of her famous mother, who had accidentally drowned in a bathtub nearly three years earlier, also facedown.

But when I received a call at my home in Miami on February 4 from someone with indirect ties to the case, the caller shared a cryptic piece of information:

“It looks like we have ourselves another Natalie Wood.”