by Diana V.

Here are 21 thoughts I had while watching Real House of Orange County, Season 10 Episode 1.

First of all, it’s unbelievable that we’re on the 10th season of the OG OC but that doesn’t mean we’ve run out of crazy. Whether you’ve watched all 9 seasons or are new, you won’t be disappointed with these ladies! Tune in every week as I recap RHOC!

enhanced-1994-1431446393-111. Yeah no one wants to go to the bathroom in a Port-o-potty.

2. Porte-cochère? That a fancy name for Port-o-potty right?

3. Heather needs a hair washing station… isn’t that what a shower is?


4. I love that they’re just openly admitting he’s going to have a “pot smoking” balcony. #1stworldproblems

5. Yeah Vicki, focus on your own yeast why don’t you! Wait… there’s yeast in vinegar?

6. Tamara and boobs, not surprising.

7. I’m glad Tamara and Eddie have gotten past the fake baby thing from last season, that was weird and helped no one.

8. Let’s see how long Tamra’s new motto “Think Twice Before I Speak” lasts.

9. Tamara looks prettier after surgery, lipgloss or not.


10. Megan looks like she could be on a CW show.


11. Yay, it’s Teri! I wonder if E! has to approve his show appearances?

11. I’m not liking Jim Eddmonds, he seems rude.

12. Susan (is that her name?), Shannon and David just need to divorce already.

13. Seriously I just typed Shannon and already forgot her name, but I won’t forget her crying face.  She’s always crying!

14. Oh my god. Why are you doing this to yourself Susan?

15. I need to add carrots and juicing vegetables to my packing list right now, I need my smoothies every morning, I can’t get one anywhere outside of my home.

16. What did you do to the gym?! Actually the decorations are really cute…

17. What’s with the 80’s Oakley glasses?


18. Waitttttt… Vicki instagrammed her boobs with a Beats box?

19. Oh god, I’m so nervous for the sharing!

20. Isn’t it weird that they’re doing this with complete strangers? I almost wish the other couples had to act as the parents they’re discussing.

21. Yassssss, Vicki throws down this season!




Stay tuned for next week’s recap and add your RHOC thoughts below!