Nicole Camden, author of The Lady Vanishes and the upcoming next installment of the Billionaire Tricksters of Boston series, A French Whipping, discusses the difficult balancing act that she faces as an author attached to her characters, who live their lives flirting with danger and temptation.


In A French Whipping, billionaire Nick Cord is possessive and controlling. So much so that he’s afraid of his own impulses. He also has a liking for tying women up in delicious, artistic knots. Blake Webster—the woman he’s always loved—has been abused in the past, and he fears hurting her. Yet, he can’t resist her.

Writing this book felt like a balancing act. I watch too much Criminal Minds, so eventually everything starts to seem a little creeptastic. There were often scenes where, as a writer, I had to step back and ask myself, “Is this sexy or scary?” Would she be turned on? Or would she run? I also battled my inner best friend. I care about my characters and part of me wanted to shout at Blake that maybe she should rethink getting involved with Nick, at least right now, but I resisted…cause she wanted him, and ultimately, I would have been wrong.

My favorite storylines usually involve best friends that get sexy, and Nick and Blake are no exception. I was able to explore the idea of being helpless with someone you trust and how surrendering can be empowering as well as arousing. Loving someone is always a risk, both physically and emotionally.

So buckle up, grab your man…or woman as the case may be…and get ready to look at the rope in the hardware store in a whole new light.

Nikki C