Seven Books for Seven LoversHave you been sitting around pondering what to read next? We have the perfect answer for you! SEVEN BOOKS FOR SEVEN LOVERS is an exclusive-for-a-short-time-only boxed set that features seven full length contemporary romances and extended teasers of five other books. And at only $4.99, we bet you won’t be able to find a better deal! Two of the authors featured in this collection interviewed each other for an inside look at how they write, what they like to write, and what they like near them when they write. (Hint: a hot, hunky, man is never a too far away.) Read below to see what secrets Stephanie Haefner, author of TRY ME ON FOR SIZE and Gabra Zackman, author of GAME ON shared with us. And don’t forget to order your copy of SEVEN BOOKS FOR SEVEN LOVERS today!


GZ: Steph, in your opinion, what’s the hottest contemporary romance setting and why?

SH: Anywhere can be sexy! I enjoy writing city settings and also small town. I’ve even written a story set in a tropical location. They are all very different though, with very different feels. Each setting offers up its own problems and conflicts and tension for the characters, as well as opportunities for sexiness. My new project has a sex scene set in the middle of a muddy bog. Small towns have different forms of entertainment (in this book, it’s mudding!) and of course, I can always find ways to make it sexy. What about you, Gabra? What’s your preferred setting?

GZ: I find I’m a water person so I’m always attracted to water scenes—but this is still a wide range!! I’ve written a scene in the bathroom of the penthouse suite of Hotel Louis V in Paris, in a moisture soaked cave in Taza, Morocco, and to the sounds of dripping water as one character is healing another in a hotel room in Palermo, Italy. That said, I agree with Stephanie: one can always make almost any location sexy. I like the challenge of that, actually!

SH: Alright, now a hard one. Gabra, who is your favorite hero in your books? If you were in charge of casting him with a Hollywood hunk, who would you choose?

GZ: I find I have a cinematic brain so I ADORE this question! I’m going to have to choose the character of “the Boss” from all three books of THE BOD SQUAD SERIES because I’ve written him like something out of an old Bogart film…he’s strong, sensitive, smart, mysterious and wears fantastic fedoras. In my mind he’s the classic film noir PI type with a twist…I’d go with Pierce Brosnan. Maybe Aaron Eckhart. Possibly Ralph Fiennes…too many to choose from! I’m throwing it back to you, Steph. Who’s your dream hero?

SH: I have to say, my favorite hero so far is Oliver from TRY ME ON FOR SIZE! He does bad things, but has good

yes please
yes please

reasons. He knows he has responsibilities, but he just can’t stay away from the heroine, Mia. He’s tall, dark, and handsome and just makes you melt (and Mia too!) I envisioned Colin Egglesfield as I wrote Oliver. If you don’t know who he is, Google him! Stat! You won’t be sorry.

GZ: Do you have a specific writing process? Do you have to have music in the background or complete silence? Do you outline or jump right in?

SH: I used to just sit and write with no real direction. I had bits and pieces of the story in my head, but that was it. Later on I realized I needed to learn how to plot if I ever wanted to sell my books on proposal instead of writing complete manuscripts first. And in order to do that, I needed to know the entire story ahead of time. So I sat down, wrote an outline chapter by chapter, scene by scene, just a few sentences, and realized, for me, it was so much easier to actually write the book. No more staring at a blank screen wondering where to go next! I don’t usually listen to music. I work best in complete silence. I’m distracted VERY easily, so I usually stay home to write, where there are no juicy conversations to eavesdrop on! 😉 Is it the same for you, Gabra?

GZ: I always outline—I can’t write without one! I generally like background noise, so I tend to go back and forth between places like cool cafes and my writing desk at home. I often write in public and rewrite and edit in private. And I HAVE to write sex scenes alone at home; I feel totally embarrassed to even attempt to do them in public. Here’s a fun fact: I just finished doing a run of an off Broadway show that I was in the beginning of and the end of with about an hour and a half free every night in between. I wrote a lot of DOUBLE DOWN, book 3 of The Bod Squad Series while I was backstage!

SH: Ok, I have to know. Gabra, your Bod Squad series incorporates a lot of spy craft. Are you secretly a covert op in deep cover as a romance author; is that how you know so many spy moves?

GZ: I wish! No, I had to research a lot, actually. My research process basically involves me coming up with outlandish ideas and then trolling the internet for proof. Once I searched the question “Could someone blow up the earth?” and received a whole bunch of terrifying answers. Another time I searched for articles about our own nuclear weapons being used against us and came up with some facts that still haunt me to this day. I’ve ordered books online about the Sicilian Mafia, real life spies, and undercover agents. A few days ago, I found myself typing the question, “Which kind of Glock would someone from the FBI choose?” I’ve learned a tremendous amount, all of which has happened through the internet or through books I’ve found online. At this point I wonder if I’ve alerted the authorities. #fbiwatchlist

And now for a lightning round:

*favorite book
SH: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series
GZ: Any books by Kyra Davis or Maria V Snyder

*first romance you ever read
SH: Does Gone with the Wind count as romance? Probably not. LOL I don’t think I remember.
GZ: Good lord! Does Judy Blume count?!?!?

*favorite rom com movie
SH: Too many to pick just one. But I have a real hard time turning the channel if I come across Overboard, You’ve Got Mail, or The Proposal.
GZ: MY FAV GENRE OF ALL! When Harry Met Sally. Also, I’m a sucker for The Thomas Crown Affair.

*author you’re dying to meet in person
SH: Tough one! Probably someone like Carly Phillips or Kristan Higgins, anyone who writes sassy funny romance who puts out book and after book, hit after hit. I’d love to pick their brains!
GZ: Isabelle Allende. In love with her sense of fun, sensuality, eroticism. Thrilling writer.

*ideal reading location
beach-chairs-2SH: Hammock on a tropical beach
GZ: feet in sand, beach in front, cocktail on the table next to me, hot man nearby

*favorite time sucks
SH: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
GZ: Netflix, internet trolling, purse shopping on ebay

*writing must-haves
SH: MacBook, tea, electric mug warmer, electric blanket
GZ: coffee, deadlines, timer, the right atmosphere, pictures of hot guys to look at for inspiration

*favorite writing snacks
SH: I’m addicted to Brookside chocolate-covered fruit thingies. I’m not even sure what to call them! Basically they’re fruits snacks covered in chocolate.
GZ: I’m a bit of a healthy eater. Totes annoying! I’d say an apple with almond butter or a glass of rosé. If the going gets rough I run for the Ben and Jerry’s.