The ladies of XOXO discuss their introduction to Romance and the books that started it all.  After much searching, we found Abby’s first romance, Surrender To Ecstasy but unfortunately it’s only in paperback.  Look at those covers!



Read Lauren, from Christina Lauren’s Bustle piece “Romance Novels Are Primed To Make An Impact On Society, So Stop Calling Them “Trashy,” Ok?” and shop our Gems From the Vault in our shop and can even read select titles for free, yes free (!) in our Free Reads section.  Enjoy!


Abby interviews blogger Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches,Trashy Books.  The ladies discuss why Romance and why Smart Bitches?  Plus, Kate asks Sarah for a real time “Help A Bitch Out!” (If you know the book Kate’s thinking of, tell us in the comments!)

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Finally, the ladies wrap up with Game On – First Line Showdown!

Tell us in the comments which was your first Romance Novel! 

This is a calm 2 Balls of Fire episode and remember–the best conversations happen after dark.