Like many of you, we at XOXOAD are big Jennifer Probst fans, so we were delighted when she wanted to share her gorgeous new repackaged “Marriage to a Billionaire” covers on our site! Take it away, Jen…

Marriage BargainI’m over the moon excited about my brand new covers for my Marriage to a Billionaire series! I adore the way they depict the excitement of a wedding. Is there anything like brides? The dress, the shoes, the venue, the food, the flowers, the shoes!

I began thinking about some of the most memorable weddings I’ve ever been to. It’s hard to compare my own wedding since as the bride, most of the day for me was spent in a fog, and I almost had the feeling it was happening to someone else! I’m not big on being the focus of all attention, so I still remember trying to remember to breathe as I walked down the aisle.

This past summer, I attended a wedding in Rhode Island which was held at the actual castle filmed in the Brad Pitt movie, Meet Joe Black. The crowd gathered outside on the steps, overlooking miles and miles of green acres that stopped at a grand lake. Musicians played harps, and the bride and groom stepped through the elaborate French doors onto the terrace and began their first dance.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house – and that includes my husband!marriage mistake

Another wedding I clearly remember, I like to term the “party” wedding. The lack of true organization didn’t matter, because the DJ was red hot, the liquor was endless and poured quick, and everyone danced and partied so hard no one remembers really what happened the next day! This particular one had a swing dance contest that was off the hook and talked about for the next few years. Not a bad way to start off a new life!

Then there’s the amazing destination weddings overseas. Held on an island beach, we sipped pretty cocktails and watched the waves play upon the sand as the couple recited their vows. Soon, the women were barefoot, and the hot breeze ruined the perfectly coiffed hair styles, and no one really cared. It was a wedding paradise.

What’s my favorite type of wedding?

All of them. From the serious to the traditional, to the flagrant, it all comes down to the couple for me. When they first look into each other’s eyes. When they first realize they are bound for life together, for richer or poorer, to death till us part.

“What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.”

I still get goose bumps by those words.

Marriage TrapThe rest is just extra. I told my husband recently my newest dream is to recite our vows on our 15th anniversary in Vegas, next to a cool Elvis impersonator. Yeah, I know. He looked at me the same way – but I always wanted to do it just once like Carina and Max in The Marriage Mistake.

Or run off to Italy and stand on the countryside in Tuscany like Julietta and Sawyer from The Marriage Merger.

And as readers know me well, they also know my motto about romances – in real life and the fiction I love so fiercely to read and write.


It’s not about happy endings. It’s about happy beginnings.

Stop in and tell me your favorite wedding story or your dream type wedding!


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