Author Lindsey Piper (aka Carrie Lofty) sure as heck isn’t! Read below to find out why. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of HUNTED WARRIOR, the third searing installment in Lindsey’s electrifying Dragon Kings series, out today from Pocket Books!

Hunted Warrior


There’s something dangerous yet appealing about the dark, isn’t there? Creepy movies and even stepping outside your front door at night can give you the heebie jeebies. The hairs on the back of your neck can lift. Little noises catch your attention faster and with more force than during daylight.

But the appealing side? That’s where the fun begins. There’s a lot to be said about getting frisky with the lights on—a lot, actually—and yet the dark is a place where exploration can take place that otherwise might not happen. One of the most exciting projects I ever worked on was my 2008 debut, What a Scoundrel Wants, where the heroine was blind. Talk about a sexy challenge.

Many scenes in “The Dragon Kings” series take place in dark and shady places. In the novella “Silent Warrior,” the hero and heroine run through the neon-sparkled alleys of Hong Kong, while in the series opener, Caged Warrior, the hero has lived his entire life in the dark. It’s only the heroine’s love that reveals to him that there is a life outside the underground fighting cages where he was raised.

In the third installment of “The Dragon Kings,” Hunted Warrior, we meet the leader of the Five Clans, known as the Honorable Giva. His name is Malnefoley of Tigony. (Or Mal for short. It is a mouthful.) We also meet the Pet, a woman who was almost literally the pet of the head of the human cartel that organized the underground cage fighting ring. Nothing much was revealed about her in Caged Warrior, but I always intended that she would have a story of her own. Eventually you learn the Pet’s name, but I might leave that a secret. She acquired it in an unusual way.

The pair have lived figuratively in the dark their whole lives, one burdened by responsibility and the untouchable quality of being a supreme leader, and one caught in a no-win situation as she makes the best of being trapped by her human master. They know little of trust and nothing of intimacy. They are search through the darkness of their very real, very confused emotions to figure out the “why”s of falling in love. Why this person? Why now? Why am I feeling like I’ll suffer if he or she suffers?

And then there’s the literal dark. In one scene, the pair looks for an ancient weapon that they’ll use during the massive cage match finale. The weapon is buried deep beneath the Duomo cathedral in Florence. (They have to use a little trickery to get past the guards, but hey, the guards are humans. It’s good to be a Dragon King.) Down in the deep dark, they find each other for the first time, emotionally and physically, in a scene that was so much fun to write. I don’t think they would’ve been as able to reveal themselves to one another had they been in the brightness of a lit room.

So, as irony would have it, Mal and the Pet reveal the most to each other when the lights are out. Darkness can be a scary and wondrous, especially when new lovers begin to explore. What they find and what they do… That’s one of the many reasons you’ll want to read Hunted Warrior. Come find out why some of the best romance takes place in the dark.