Is there anything like the touch of steel and leather, the hint of danger, the feel of straddling a powerful…machine? Yes, motorcycles have always had a mystique to them, and with the recent rise in sexy MC romances, it seems that allure is spreading. (Did you think we were talking about something else, by chance?)

Chantal Fernando, already a self-publishing success, has joined the wave of indie-to-traditional authors with her new Wind Dragons MC series. The first in the series, DRAGON’S LAIR, is already out–originally self-published, it’s been newly revised and expanded for its print publication! She’s also released the covers for the next two Wind Dragons books, ARROW’S HELL and TRACKER’S END. Earning high praise already from authors like Bella Jewel and Pepper Winters, Chantal’s series is just the thing for those of you who mourn the end of Sons of Anarchy and love bikes, biceps and maybe a beard or two!

Read on for a taste of DRAGON’S LAIR, the story of good-girl Faye and bad boy biker Dex, and peep the covers for the whole Wind Dragons series!


“Come here,” Dex says, sitting on the bed and pulling off his shirt. I stare at his impressive chest, wanting to moan out load. Wow, is all I can say. I didn’t think men like this existed out of books and movies, but here he is, in all his muscled perfection, standing right before me.

And for tonight—he’s all mine.

“Faye,” he says. “I said to come here. You will have your fill of me, don’t you worry about that.”

I do as instructed, distracted by his body, and go and sit next to him.

“You sure you want this?” he asks, running his finger along my jawline. Goose bumps appear on my skin just from that touch.

Was I sure? Fuck yes, I was sure. I didn’t want to think, I just wanted to lose myself in him.

“I’m sure,” I tell him, shifting on the bed. He nods once, a thoughtful look on his handsome face, then he taps his hands on his lap. Before I know what I’m doing, I sit on his lap, straddling him. When he kisses me, I don’t stop him. He feels too good, smells too good, and I want to forget.

More than that, I want a taste of this man.

We both stand, and he strips off my clothes slowly, taking his time.

“Your body is fuckin’ amazing, you know that?” he whispers as he stares at me completely naked.

“I’m glad you approve,” I reply with a smirk. The way he’s staring at me right now . . . I don’t think I’ve ever felt so beautiful in my life.

My eyes follow his hands as he undresses himself. His body is impressive, all hard angles and ripples. My mouth waters.

Naked, he turns and leans down to pull a condom out of his wallet. The dragon’s face tattooed on his back is staring right at me, its body coiled tightly behind it. It’s beautiful, intricate, and deadly.

Just like the man standing before me.

He faces me once more, throwing the condom packet down on the bed. My gaze drops.

He’s huge. I’ve only ever been with Eric, but I notice that Dex is a lot bigger in width and length. He flashes me a grin when he sees me staring. Too turned on to care that I was caught ogling him, I lick my lips instead. His eyes darken. Leaning over me, he gently pushes me back on the bed. He kisses my lips with no preamble, his tongue exploring my mouth. He knows what he’s doing, just how to turn me on. I moan into his mouth as his finger slides into me. He makes a sound deep in his throat, a growling sound.

It’s seriously hot.

His lips leave my mouth. Ignoring my groan of protest, he trails open-mouth kisses down my neck, my collarbone, the curve of my breast. Teasing me, he licks everywhere except my nipple.

“Dex,” I groan, my tone pleading.

I raise my head and narrow my eyes on him when I hear his dark chuckle, but his eyes aren’t on mine. His head is lowered as he licks the side of my breast, then drags his tongue up to my nipple.

Just a little more.

When he places his mouth over my nipple and sucks, my back arches from its own accord. It felt so good. I tangle my fingers in his hair and tug gently, encouraging him. More, I wanted more. He moves his head, paying attention to my other breast, while I lay back and enjoy every sensation. Plumping my breasts together, he licks one last time before he lets go and his fingers wander downwards to my pussy again. Stroking me there gently, he brings my wetness to my clit and rubs his thumb. If I were standing, I would have fallen to my knees.

“So wet,” he murmurs, sounding thrilled about the fact.

Removing his hand, he grabs the condom off the bed and tears the packet open with a flash of his white teeth. I watch as he slides it on over his rock-hard length, anticipation building.

I’m more than ready for him as he slides himself into me with one smooth thrust. His patience clearly over, he thrusts deeply, a curse leaving his lips. Pumping his hips to get farther inside me, each stroke so deep, so perfect. His pelvis slides across my clit with each movement, making me cry out each time. His body shows me just how much I’ve been missing out on, his skilled moves giving me more pleasure than I’ve ever experienced before. His lips find mine, not gentle this time but rough and frantic. He sucks and nibbles on my lower lip, and I wrap my hands around the back of his neck and lift my hips up to meet each passionate thrust. I was on the edge; I could feel it. I think Dex could too, because he reaches down and plays with my clit, pushing me over.

So. Fucking. Good.

I come once, twice, before he finishes. He kisses me on the forehead once before he pulls out. I sit up and frown when I notice the look on his face. He looks angry.

“What is it?” I ask, my voice hoarse and unsure.

He clears his throat. “Nothing.” He stands up and heads out of the room. I get dressed quickly, wondering what the hell I just did. I’ve never done anything like this in my life. I need to get home—right now. Dex comes back into the room, condom taken care of, and lies back on the bed with his arms stretched behind his head. Not a care in the world.

I reach down to grab my clothes.

“What are you doing?” he asks, looking over at me in amusement.

“Getting dressed.”

He sits up and pulls me back onto the bed, lightly kissing my jaw. “Not done with you yet, babe, that was just a warm-up.”

His mouth finds mine, and I lose all rational thought…


If you think that’s hot, wait till you Faye finds out why the other Wind Dragons call Dex “Sin”! And his WDMC brothers, Arrow and Tracker, have stories that are so scorching, you’ll want to wear your helmet…but maybe nothing else!