There are two men in our lives that we can’t stop thinking about lately…


 Malcolm Saint A.K.A. The Manwhore

Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire

and Nikolai Dragomirov A.K.A. The Vampire


So this week, we challenged our XOXperts to a little game of Would You Rather? involving the aforementioned sexy guys. The Manwhore is very different from The Vampire and, like any man, they have their pros and cons.

There was much deliberation. So much indecision…

Can I choose a ménage with both? 🙂 Probably a vampire. They sparkle and we would live forever!”

“Gah!! Idk… since I’m finally getting to know/like Vampires. I’d probably say Manwhore, but if I’m dying then a Vampire can turn me. How’s that for a non-answer.”

“7 year old Zandalee is screaming vampire (especially Spike from BtVS), but present Zandalee is going to have to agree with Reanell’s response [of Manwhore!].”

Here’s how the polls came out:

meta-chart (1)


Vampires pull through for the win! All of our vampire lovers were also very adamant about which vampires fit the bill for them. In case you were wondering, Eric (from True Blood), Spike and Angel (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Zsadist (from the Black Dagger Brotherhood) are our favorites.

Tell us! Would YOU rather be with The Manwhore or The Vampire?