New York Times bestselling author Stefanie Wilder-Taylor isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. And what it is now is spring break for her three daughters, so basically hell in a handbasket demanding customized activities and homemade snacks. But how do you tell you might be getting to nuclear blowout level? Keep reading for Stefanie’s handy hints on how to recognize those warning signs and get yourself a pedi and a babysitter, stat. And don’t forget to pick up or download a copy of her latest laugh-out-loud, no-nonsense parenting book, GUMMI BEARS SHOULD NOT BE ORGANIC, on sale today from Gallery Books!

Right now I’m “enjoying” Spring break at home with the kids. It always starts out so great with the whole getting to sleep in and all. But fairly quickly I start noticing the signs of parental burnout. Maybe you’re experiencing them too?


1. Microwaving some mac & cheese for dinner seems like a bridge too far.

2. Your kids having been staying up until 11 lately only because trying to get them through the bedtime routine is so trying it’s almost easier to let them stay up.

3. Your 4-year-old yells “you’re rude” at you and you yell, “No, you’re rude” back.  And then you start crying, run into your room and slam the door.

4. Yesterday you gave your kid four time-outs… and yourself five.

5. You find it necessary to polish off a 12 pack of 100-calorie Klondike bars by yourself.

6. Hearing the word “Mommy” makes you break out in hives.

7. When you used to think about how different your life would have turned out if you’d never had kids, you imagine you would’ve become a poor tie dye artist living alone in a studio apartment on Venice Beach with only a feral cat that wanders the neighborhood as company. Now it doesn’t sound so bad.

8. You find yourself snacking in your laundry room so you don’t have to share anything with the kids.

9. You find yourself Googling “Boarding Schools for Preschoolers.”

It’s okay! Grab yourself a copy of US Weekly and go hide in your linen closet! You deserve a few minutes to yourself!