XOXO discusses Spring Break: The ladies go way back (in some cases wayyyy back, just kidding) and discuss their craziest and foamiest spring break stories–and Abby confesses why she didn’t do spring break. Hint, it includes the bus. Enough said! Plus, we discuss “neurotica” and “choreplay“–are they right for your relationship?

Kate interviews New York Times bestselling author and comedian Sarah Colonna and chats about her new book HAS ANYONE SEEN MY PANTS?, meeting her fiancé (Seahawks punter Jon Ryan) on Twitter and her real life happy ending!

Finally, the ladies wrap up with an XOXO version of Shag, Marry, Kill. This is a 3, possibly 4 Balls of Fire Episode!

Let us know who you would Shag, Marry, or Kill in the comments!


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