Last year I went to a signing in Chicago. It was on this trip that I first met my hero. He was on a social media page that made the news, and the sight of him really caught my attention. He was not only stunning, but he crackled with intensity. A young billionaire with more than a million online followers. By the time I returned home a week later, I was still thinking about this man. He was a mystery that I simply had to unravel, and when he started appearing in my dreams, I set out to do just that in Manwhore.

So who is this elusive billionaire hero that began with a man and ended up as one of the most irresistible characters I’ve ever written? Who is Malcolm Saint?

In Chicago, Malcolm Saint is an enigma. A billionaire, a womanizer, a man everybody wants a piece of, and a man no woman can get enough of.

sinitselfHe’s a manwhore, people say. A player. Intelligent, ruthless, and deliciously intense. But why won’t he commit? Why does he do everything in fours?

This is exactly what the journalist heroine of Manwhore, Rachel Livingston, is assigned to find out.

Rachel expects to meet the exact man she’s read about, a man frequently mentioned, adored from both close and afar, wanted. Her job is to uncover something juicy about Saint, something that nobody knows. Regardless of his endless partying and connections, Saint is a private man. People are dying to get the deets on him. As a writer, I confess, that so was I. This character fascinated me and he wasn’t easy to peg, very difficult to get to know. He simply doesn’t give you anything at all unless you push the right buttons, and nobody knows what or where those buttons are or how easy, or difficult, it is to activate them.

Rachel has no idea what she’s up against when she agrees to the assignment. As a writer who follows the lead of her characters, I, too, didn’t know what to expect. I followed her through every step, and a part of me ready to call out Saint and judge him for being the player that he is. Rachel and I were soon finding out—when it was too late—that Malcolm Saint is both everything they say he is, and nothing like they say he is. He is, simply, more than she ever imagined, and more than I ever—even in my wildest, most perfect dreams of him—expected.

I really hope you get to experience, and find out “who” Malcolm Saint is the way Rachel and I have.