Can it be time already, my best beloveds? Farmer Chris’s fields lie fallow under a dusting of snow, and beauties tumble from the show like rose petals cast upon a fantasy suite bathtub. Tonight our fair farmer in the dell brings the two finalists back to meet his family (aka 42% of the population of Arlington, TX) so that he can choose which one of the women (about whom he feels “exactly the same”) shall be his blushing bride. She’s blushing because she accepted a proposal from a guy who selected his life partner with the same passion that one decides between tacos or salad for lunch. (Tacos. The answer is always tacos.)

How could we resist such auspicious portents of love? Carry on, Farmer Chris–sweep us off our TV-watching feet…

The show opens with a very slanted selection of snippets, in which Whitney is repeatedly saying “I love you!” “I hope you know how much I love you!” “I love your son!” while Becca’s quotes are “I’m not there yet” “it’s not easy for me,” etc.. However, I am so pre-programmed by reality TV that I can no longer tell if this means that Whitney is going home and Becca’s the winner (because they want us to think the opposite) or if that’s what they want us to think they want. God, this show makes me stupider every season.

Chris Harrison greets us from the studio and earns the first eyeroll of the evening by claiming that this is “the wildest season ever.” Sure, if you also feel that salt is “the wildest seasoning ever” and milk is “the wildest beverage ever” and vanilla is “the wildest ice cream flavor ever.” But Harrison promises “a shocking turn of events,” so maybe we’ll make it all the way up to coffee ice cream by 10 o’clock.

FC is “dating two extremely awesome girls” and he has a hard decision ahead of him. Giving us a rundown of his two choices, he explains that he loves Whitney because she’s beautiful, smart, and tells him she loves him. “Becca and I’s relationship” is moving more slowly, he says. I’m ready to put him down humanely for using the abomination of a phrase “Becca and I’s.” That would really be the most shocking Bachelor ever! He doesn’t really list Becca’s attributes, but clearly there’s just something about her that he can’t quit.

Family time! He walks in the door and everyone cheers. There’s Mom and Dad, a sibling or two, and a gaggle of elementary school-aged kids, and they’re all eager to hear how it’s going. FC tells them they should just tell him who to pick, and tells us that he’s “in trouble.”

Over to Whitney, getting ready to meet the fam. She’s wearing a plaid button-down over a tank with a big statement necklace. Isn’t the plaid a little on-the-nose? Whit comes bearing flowers and wine, and tells us she plans to tell his family she’s in love with Chris. She shows NO concern that she won’t be the last woman standing, I’ll give her that. (Or maybe it’s a win-win? Either you become Mrs. Chris, or you don’t have to move to Arlington?)

Whitney is charming, and she gleefully tells them all about FC’s hometown visit to her in Chicago, and how they “made a baby” in the lab. Someone says, “She’s a keeper!” while another brother(?) says, “All right, you win!” It does feel very natural. She gives a long and sweet toast at dinner, all about how she loves FC, and she’s moved to tears. It feels like it couldn’t be more perfect. So what’s the catch?

FC’s sisters take her aside to ask, “Arlington? Seriously? Are you SURE?” She gives another version of her Fantasy Date answer to Chris–basically, life is taking her here and she’s ready to be a wife and mom in tiny Arlington. The sisters all say that they see the chemistry between Whitney and FC, and get teary themselves. Aww, this feels like a good fit!

Now the sisters report back to Farmer Chris, and ask him what the difference is between Whit, who seems perfect, and Becca. FC tells them that Becca is witty and charming (which we haven’t seen much of, to be honest, but that could be editing), but that she’s not as demonstrative as Whit. As FC fumbles for words, I start worrying for Whitney a bit…he can’t articulate why he likes Becca, which says to me that this is a case of “the heart wants what it wants.” One of the sisters makes the same observation, but interprets it as “a red flag.”

Now it’s time to bring out the big guns–FC’s mom in a one-on-one with Whitney. She starts off strong: Mom asks, “Why do you think you’re in love with my son?” and Whit says, “I don’t think I’m in love, I know I am.” And she’s off and running…she does the “I can’t wait to call someone Mom” bit again, and Mom FC loves it.

As they part, FC tells Whitney that his family loved her, and she tells him, “Don’t you dare forget how much I love you.” How’s Becca gonna top that?

Now FC is confabbing in the garage with the menfolk, and acknowledges that it couldn’t have gone better with Whitney. But…then there’s Becca. He sounds like he’s desperate to convince them that Becca’s also perfect, which makes me think more and more that he really wants to choose this girl. A brother asks FC if he’s sure that he’s not more attracted to the chase with Becca, since Whitney’s made it clear she’s a sure thing. We don’t get much of an answer before the commercial break.

The next day, FC comes to brief the family on Becca, although they acknowledge that after yesterday, she’s got a tough road ahead. The big issue seems to be that Becca won’t commit to moving to Iowa until she knows she’s in love (reasonable), and so because she isn’t ready to declare herself (also reasonable), she and Chris haven’t had a meaningful talk about what she might do in Arlington. (I think? I suspect this ties back to whatever conversation happened in the Fantasy Suite, after which there was some confused angsting without much clarity.)

Here’s what FC likes about Becca: “She’s got a great sense of humor, and she’s a great person that has a great head on her shoulders…I dunno, there’s something about her.” I’m sure that Becca most loves Farmer Chris for his eloquence.

She pulls up in the Bachelorette Delivery Vehicle and greets Chris with a squeal, but no spider-monkey leap-n-hug. She’s also carrying a huge platter of cookies (ooh!) that are clearly store-bought (meh). (Also probably producer-bought, in truth.) Sister #2 tells us that she’s eager to watch Becca with Chris, since they know she’s going to be more reserved, so they’ll have to look for what he sees in her.

They sit down for dinner and Becca tells them about her “road trip” to Arlington, and they all want to know what she thought, of course. She’s honest (they’re under no illusion about the appeals of the town), but gracious, and it seems to go well. Time for sisterly interrogation! Sister #2 is alone with Becca this time (maybe they decided all three were too intimidating? Or maybe #1 has recused herself after declaring for Team Whitney) and asks Becca how she feels about FC. Becca admits that she’s “falling in love” but isn’t “there” yet, and she feels like she should be. She’s pretty frank about basically not wanting their relationship to end just because she’s not ready to say, “Yes! I will give up everything to come and bear your children this week!” Again, a reasonable point.

Oh, wow–Sister #1 has appeared in frame somehow and asked how Becca imagines things going after the final rose if FC does pick her. She flat out tells them it’ll be long distance, because she’s not moving until she is super-sure that it’s the real thing. Is Becca’s insistence on treating this like a real dating process between consenting adults going to ruin her chances to win the fake dating process that ends in Twoo Wuv?

Reporting back to FC, the sisters express their concerns that Becca won’t go all in right now–essentially, that giving her time will let her back out of the move? The sisters encourage Chris to “push her a little” because he doesn’t yet have the confidence in her feelings. Essentially, force her to be vulnerable. Yeah, that sounds like a healthy plan for long-term success.

Let’s see if Mom can crack Becca’s shell! They rehash the long-distance, like-but-not-yet-love stuff, and then Mom’s all, “What’s it gonna take?” I want this woman to negotiate for my next car. She asks, “If I said you have to make a decision right now, what would you say?” And then she reaches up and brushes some hair out of Becca’s face, which I find SUPER intrusive. (But then, I’m a broken shell of a human. Maybe that was sweet and not overbearing? Vote on it in the comments.)

Becca explains that they had a really hard conversation in the fantasy suite, and she thought she was going home, and it made her absolutely miserable. “You know what that is?” Mom chimes in with a grin. “That’s love!” Er…sure, maybe. Or it’s stress and fatigue and embarrassment and probably just some discomfort about how damn hot Bali was. Tomato, tomahto. Becca’s all, should I be penalized because Whitney’s ready to fertilize herself today? In a talking head, Mom insists that Becca already loves FC–she just doesn’t know that what she’s feeling is love. Um, thanks, mom?

Prediction: we get a flipflop, in which FC chooses Whitney but then realizes he’s made a mistake and goes back for Becca!

As FC walks Becca out, she looks stressed and confused, and tells us again in a voiceover that she’s “not ready to say yes to a proposal.” She kisses him goodbye with affection, but it’s definitely not as gung-ho as Whit was. The interview with her that’s spliced into the goodbye images shows that she’s worried and “they need to have a talk.”

Brother #1 hits it on the head when he observes to the rest of the family that Whitney is basically perfect on paper, but Becca is the choice of FC’s heart. Dad, too: “I think Whitney’s the sure thing…but I think Becca’s who Chris loves.” (That said, this interview had some weird chops in it that suggest it may have been cobbled together. For more interesting observations about this, may I recommend Sharlene Joynt’s blog, All the Pretty Pandas? She was on Juan Pablo’s season and wisely fled before the hometown dates.) Either way, looks like Farmer Chris has a tough row to hoe! (See what I did there?)

Back in the studio, Harrison promises something we’ve never seen before on the show. But first! FC gets one last date with each of his lady friends. What does one plan in order to suss out which of two identically pleasing women one should propose to?

Becca’s first up, and they’re in a hotel which must surely be somewhere other than Arlington. She shows him through “Al Capone’s suite,” but it doesn’t seem to matter because it’s just time to make out and talk. Hmm, Becca, you walked him through to the bedroom pretty quickly! FC tells her “I want…everything you can give me,” but he doesn’t mean what you think it means. They talk (in front of cameras this time) about whether she can see herself fitting into his small-town life, and he asks her, “Where do you see yourself? What do you see in five years?”

Becca just says that she knows it won’t be easy, but she can’t make any promises about when she would be ready to move. Farmer Chris looks crestfallen. He’s fumbling for words (when is he not?), but the upshot is basically, “Would you throw me a bone, girl? I’m trying to justify picking you!” I will say that once they finally get frustrated with each other, it’s the first time I believe they could actually work as a couple. She apologizes again but says she can’t possibly know what her life will be like in five years, and he snaps, “But what do you want?” They’re both right here, and I don’t know how to feel in the face of a mature and reasonable objection to the Bachelor process!

This is a terrible date, but is actually the best discussion I’ve ever seen on the Bachelor! I feel like the fourth wall has been torn down and suddenly I’m looking at two humans trying to negotiate an adult relationship. My mind is blown! Chris asks her why she doesn’t feel like she’s in love with him, and she can’t give him an answer, but says “the one thing I know is that I want you.” Chris finally feeds her the answer that he wants to hear, and she agrees that’s how she’s feeling, but she’s still balking. She mentions something about “there are steps,” but when FC asks what they are, she doesn’t know that either. What DO you know, Becca!

Finally, she creeps up on an issue, saying that the uncertainty about what she would do in Arlington other than be Mrs. Chris is scaring her. FC is all, “THERE it is,” but seems to appreciate having an actual topic for discussion at last. He asks what scares her the most, and she finally admits, “What happens if I get there…and it’s not?” FC rather sweetly says, “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know I would have your back, and we would figure it out.”

“I can’t wait,” she whispers. (I think.) There’s smooching after this, so maybe it’s resolved? These two confuse me, but it doesn’t bode well for Whitney, I fear. As she shows him out, we get slices of an interview with Chris, who is weepy and confused. I see why they ran Becca’s first–this is a downer.

Time for Whitney’s date! FC says he’s nervous and exhausted, so he should be all sorts of fun. Fortunately, Whitney is bubbly enough for the both of them. I love her cute moto-style winter jacket, by the way. Chris is literally standing in a dry cornfield, and when Whitney arrives she asks where they are. He says, “We are…at my farm.” “REALLY?” Whit squeaks in joy. They’re going to pick some corn! (How can this be? There’s snow on the ground. Corn grows in snow?) Hand in hand they head for the combine harvester. What could be more romantic? Only having Dad step down from the harvester to greet them! Nice, FC, you bring a chaperone on your date? It’s Becca who’s the virgin, not Whit! (Or does Dad just not trust FC with the keys to the combine?)

Whitney is rather excessively touched by Chris sharing this element of his life with her…but hey, I suppose it’s the same as her taking him to the lab, so fair enough. Whit is rhapsodizing about handing the farm down to their kids and now I’m worried. Slow your roll, girlfriend! That’s Heartbreak in them thar fields…

Now they’re driving around in FC’s truck, and like a modern Lizzie and Mr. Darcy, Whit’s eyes sparkle as Chris reveals that he owns 800 acres of farmland. She loved him for his grounds, after all. I tried to find some sort of real-world comparison to suggest how much that is, but Googling “800 acres” just gets you satellite photos of fields. (It’s over a square mile, though.)

They wind up at Chris’s house, and he suggests a little sheepishly that he’s been waiting for a wife to decorate. (It is a nice house, I’ll give him that. Four times the size of my apartment, at least.) They sit in front of the fire and Whit begins with the reassurances again and is basically all, “I belong here.” Chris is smiling and looks relieved not to have to have sad, difficult talks…but I don’t know if that bodes well in this case.

Night falls, and Chris is calling upon Whitney at her hotel room. He’s tickled to see that she has a framed photo of the two of them (from their Des Moines date?) on the dresser, and she says that she’s carried it with her on all their travels. I find that a little intense, tbh. FC tells us in a talking head that he’s hoping to have the “Aha moment” where he finally knows that Whitney’s the one. Oof, if you don’t feel it after she’s basically named your 2.5 kids, let her down now and get out.

After some chitchat, she brings him into the bedroom (young lady!) for some smooching and serious talk. (Why do they all do this in the bedroom? It’s not like the cameras aren’t following them.) Whit wants to be sure there are no regrets, so she asks FC if he has any “final thoughts” to share. He asks her in turn, “What makes you feel concerned about you and I?”

“I’m really glad you asked that question,” she replies in a manner that totally doesn’t seem canned or producer-fed, seriously I’m sure she asked this spontaneously. Then she goes on to tell him again how much she loves him, and that she feels like she knows what he’s thinking even if he doesn’t verbalize things. That is not an answer to the question FC asked, but whatever. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it. Although then she says she’s so confident, but she’s “so frickin’ scared.” Chris has sympathetic puppy dog eyes on, and tells her, “What you just said is something I reciprocate.” I am genuinely confused about whether he’s telling her in code that he loves her, or that he is also scared of disappointing her. This show is baffling to me at times. Now they’re tearing up and I don’t know why. Thank god Whitney decides to throw in the towel and just get back to kissing. That, I know how to recap.

The next day, as the sun rises over Dubuque, a topless Chris pushes aside the curtains and prepares to greet his fiancee…and his ex-girlfriend who almost became his fiancee. The girls go on separate chilly walks to get good Pensive Face B-roll, and there are more sweaters than a Lands’ End catalog. Famewhore Jeweler Neil Lane shows up to Chris’s suite in person to help him select a ring for his bride-to-be, and we get a mashup of Chris interviewing about “clarity” while Neil’s voice underneath it murmurs words like “cushion cut” and “pink diamond.” As the orchestral music swells in a minor key, FC tells us he’s “more confused than ever.” He goes on to say that if any man about to propose to a woman didn’t wonder if she was the one he wanted to be with for the rest of his life, that man isn’t human. (Er, shouldn’t you insist on feeling that way before you propose? Isn’t that the point of the proposal? What do I know, I just work in romance.)

I note, in passing, that these hotel rooms do not look glamorous and suite-y. They look normal and Marriott-y.

Cut to Becca, who has attired herself in a full-length red velvet gown, which looks supremely inappropriate for a barnyard proposal. And yes, he’s proposing near a barn. (But there are horses!) Whitney is also dressed to the nines in a clinging black off-the-shoulder number, and both of them look like they’re headed for a glamorous night on the town rather than a proposal in “the barn where [Chris] raised his first pig.” (Also, as a person not unfamiliar with barns, I am not pleased with the number of lit candles set up in the hayloft. Hopefully they’re battery-operated votives.)

Chris awaits! The limos ferry their precious cargo closer to Love or Doom! Who will find happiness? Whose hopes will be dashed? We don’t know, but Chris Harrison tells us to stay tuned for After the Final Rose, “because what happens there is going to change ev-ery-thing.” I can see Crazy Ashley S. sitting in the front row next to Jillian (I think–could be Jade), so this feels authentic. But before we can undo whatever happens in the finale, we have to HAVE the finale! So on we go…

Ugh, this decor is bad. If I were getting engaged to Chris, I would make him do it again later, without all the ersatz farm shtick. Chris says he’s been waiting for a sign all week, but isn’t sure he’s received one yet. He hopes he’s not making a mistake…

First out of the limo is…Becca! All we see is her long, red velvet hemline trailing along the hay-strewn ground before we pan up to her face as she greets Harrison, waiting for her outside. Farmer Chris’s voice over is all, “I hope I’m making the right choice, but I’m not sure…” but he’s grinning like mad as he watches Becca climb the stairs to his makeshift altar. (Why make these poor women do so many stairs in heels, Bachelor producers?)

A side note: it has to be absolutely freezing in there, because as Chris gives his speech to Becca, you can see his breath. Ugh, show! You totally shafted these women with crappy travel dates, and now you’re making them stand coatless and listen to speeches in weather this cold? At least you told them to pick dresses with sleeves.

Chris’s speech appears to be winding up as he tells Becca he knows they could have an incredible future together, and he could see her being his wife. But? Do I hear a but? After a pregnant pause, he says (with a lump in his throat), “But you’re not really ready.” He says he’s going with his heart and his gut, and that it’s not fair “to either of us” to take the leap without her commitment. So, he’s breaking up with her, but he’s practically sobbing as he does so–basically, it’s just timing that did them in. (Wonder how Whitney’s going to feel about this when they watch it back?) Becca gives a very sweet, passionless speech about how nice it was together, and she’s all smiley and barely teary at all. If you ask me, she has “dodged a bullet” face.

The rose lies forlornly on its pedestal, still unaccepted.

OK, FC, gotta walk it off so you can be suitably blissful as you propose to your clearly second-choice lady! Now I feel bad for Whitney–she deserves someone as gung-ho for her as she was for him.

Cut to the limo cam with Becca, who mostly looks bored. “I wonder if I can get back to the hotel in time for Scandal,” she muses. She tries to tell us she’s in a “state of shock” and can’t process it. Or is it that she’s a robot who can process 100,000 Bachelor proposals per second? She still wants to be in love, and wonders, “If it can’t happen with someone like that, who can it happen with?” Oh, Becca, just screw someone already and give yourself a point of comparison.

[Goddammit, WordPress! This recap took so long that the site logged me out, and then made it impossible to save the paragraphs I wrote about Whitney’s turn. I will recreate as best I can, but it is skimpy. Boo, technology!]

So Whitney arrives, and is clearly freezing. I hope after FC proposes that he gives her his coat. She heads up the steps and gives a long speech about loving him and knowing from the first moment and yada yada, and Chris is smiley (but not, I think, lit up the way he was for Becca). She ends with “I love you” and a smooch, so she’s really leaving it all on the field.

Now it’s Chris’s turn, and his speech is full of pauses and sighs and speaking looks. I genuinely wonder for a moment if he’s going to pull the “I choose no one” card…but no! In the end, he comes through for Whitney and tells her, “I love you.” Then he gets down on one knee, opens the ring box, and Whit is practically accepting before he can finish the question. Oh happy day! Whit, you pulled it out. Good for you.

Then they sit in the hayloft window (in their formalwear) admiring the view and kissing. But there’s one more question still to ask, which we know because FC is holding a certain flower. Wait, don’t you have to ask the final question? It’s called After the Final Rose, people!

After the Final Rose

We’re just gonna roll right into it, but I’m going to skim, because three hours of Bachelor recapping is more than any one woman should bear. Farmer Chris comes out solo, first, and asserts right away that Whitney is “the perfect person for me.”

But Harrison wastes no time in asking FC, “Were you in love with Becca?” This seems uncharitable when Chris’s actual fiancee is backstage, but I suppose it’s part of the deal.  FC says that he was “falling in love” but will go no further, and says that he felt that Becca was always “catching up” with his feelings about the future. (Also, he acknowledges vaguely that he’s a little old for her.) Having had enough at last, he shuts Harrison down by saying he’s only looking forward now.

Harrison asks how Whitney’s felt, watching the show, and FC reveals that she’s watched only her dates and not the other girls. Honestly, I think that’s smart! I know my husband dated women before he met me, but that doesn’t mean I need to go through his photo albums to see their happy times together. Why would you want to watch him with 25 other hopefuls?

After the break, we’re back, and it’s Becca’s turn on the couch. She comes out looking great in a little lace fuchsia dress, and they have a verrrry long hug. Becca tells us that it was a lot harder to watch the (just aired) episode than she anticipated, but she looks perfectly composed. Chris looks sweaty. She’s clearly like, “This show only gives you the options of “nope” or “married!” and if you’re in between, then you gotta go.” This is very gracious and polite and thus, BORING. Suffice it to say that Becca has never been in love and thus feels she can’t  yet recognize love and so maybe shouldn’t have tried to find it on a reality TV show. I have a feeling this will be an excellent OK Cupid ad for Becca in future, though.

Next up: Whitney! Side by side with her man for the first time in public! Oh, but first we have to belabor the Becca thing a little bit longer. Blah blah respect blah blah honesty blah no regrets. Moving on…enter Whitney! She’s in short silver sparkles (yikes–almost too short once Chris hugs her and lifts her off her feet–we almost needed to pull Jillian’s black butt bar out of storage!) and bubbling over. She’s thrilled and a little twitchy and now bordering on annoying…pull it together, Whit. Also, I am coming down with a hard pass on the dress. Looks like a cheap skater’s costume. She’d have been better off in plaid. Anyway, you’ll be shocked to learn that Chris and Whitney are happy and in love. Yawn. I was promised “shocking,” Harrison!

Harrison asks Whitney about watching the show back, even though he knows that she didn’t watch. This is uninteresting to me. Whit refuses to take the bait, even when Harrison asks if she’s heard anything about what happened. She didn’t cut herself off from social media, etc., but chose not to watch. Harrison rubs Becca in her face a little and asks if it worries her that Chris was so close to proposing to Becca instead, but Whitney insists that they’ve been open and honest about their communication and Chris concurs.

Harrison insists on showing Whitney and Chris a bit of footage that no one has seen…but it turns out to be FC’s parents, walking down the road to see which lucky girl is in the hayloft with their boy. They are delighted that he chose Whitney, of course. His mom basically flies up the stairs to hug them both, and she’s crying and talking about grandkids already. I do chuckle at the end shot–Whit says to camera (holding Chris’s hand), “We’re gonna make some babies. They’re gonna be frickin’ cute.” And Chris grins, “F— yeah!” OK, you two, get a room.

After this, Harrison decides it’s time to press Crazy Ashley S. once again about joining Bachelor in Paradise. She’s coy and weird and then says, “I suppose I might be there.” The audience cheers, but seriously, who cares if the fake-crazy girl who left on night three goes on Famewhore Island or not?

Big reveal: Whitney has been sneaking off to Arlington to hang out with Chris and his family. Ooh, such a rebel. But it’s time for a special guest who had a big part in their journey…Jimmy Kimmel! (Did he have anything much to do with Whitney? I think of him as a Kaitlyn fairy godfather.) I’m skipping Jimmy because he’s just joking, and who cares. Suffice it to say that it ends with Jimmy bringing out a wedding present for them: a cow named Juan Pablo. (Harrison leans over to pet the cow and says, “Ees OK, ees OK.” Funny, but mean.) That is one well-behaved cow.

Still waiting for our “shocking announcement,” Harrison! We only have ten minutes left, and we have to find out who (Kaitlyn) the next (Kaitlyn) Bachelorette is going to be (Kaitlyn). Harrison maintains that “Bachelor Nation” and their whole staff were exactly divided between Britt and Kaitlyn, so he throws to the studio audience. Should it be Britt? (A smattering of cheers that swiftly turns to boos.) Or Kaitlyn? (Raucous cheers at a much louder level–seriously, no comparison.) Harrison says that there are going to be…TWO bachelorettes!

Hilariously, the audience is not sold on this. There’s a little cheering, but it kind of dies into perplexed mumbling. The audience is NOT interested. But on the first night, the 25 men will decided who will make the best wife? I don’t understand if that means one of them is getting the boot after night one? That seems cruel. The two of them trot out in similar teeny silver-spangled dresses, insincerely holding hands. Kaitlyn has fixed her dreadful ombre hair and ratty extensions. Brit looks beautiful and has toned down the eyeshadow. The two of them have nothing meaningful to add.  [The camera cuts to a pinch-faced woman who is NOT having any of this. You’ve lost one viewer, ABC.] I refuse to indulge this nonsense further, except to observe that Kaitlyn doesn’t really seem too psyched about it, either. Britt’s all smiley, but probably because she only made it by the skin of her teeth.

And that’s that! Congratulations, Farmer Chris and Whitney. I hope you’ll be very happy together. And farewell, faithful recap readers, until we meet again for double the Bachelorette fun (if it doesn’t kill me). May you always be offered the final rose!