SAWYERFrom Nicole Edwards: Someone recently gave me the idea for a Walker brother interview. For me, although I love every single one of the Walker brothers equally, I knew instantly who I wanted for the interview. I called up Sawyer first (mentally, of course) and asked him if he’d be willing to answer a few questions. When he asked me what they were, I told him I didn’t know yet, but managed to get him to agree. So, then, I called up Zane (yes, mentally again) and asked him if he’d be willing to ask Sawyer some interview questions. His first response was yes, followed by asking me what questions he’d be asking. I told him that was completely up to him—and if you know Zane, you can only imagine how that went. From there, I left the interview in their capable hands and, well, you’ll have to read to see how it went. I hope you enjoy! 

Sawyer Walker Interview

Sawyer found it interesting that he’d been summoned to the Alluring Indulgence resort early for the interview Nicole had mentioned just a few days ago, but he hadn’t questioned it. When Nicole Edwards asked for a favor, she generally had a good reason. Although she hadn’t exactly shared what the basis for the interview was, Sawyer knew that it wasn’t unusual for Nicole to do interviews, answer questions, etc. Especially when her best book ever was about to be released. And yes, he would admit that he was a little biased because this was his book—SAWYER—and in his mind, there was no doubt, his was the best.

As he made his way to the AI offices, Sawyer greeted the employees he came across, smiling and politely saying good morning. It only took a minute for the hair on the back of his neck to stand up and that was when he realized they were eyeing him, some of them smirking even. And when he stepped into the room he’d been instructed to go to, he instantly knew why.

“What are you doing here?” Sawyer asked his youngest brother Zane, who was grinning widely.

“You’re late,” Zane stated, his grin slipping as he attempted to appear stern.

“And you’re not supposed to be here, so we’re even.”

“Actually…” Zane’s sheepish grin returned. “I am supposed to be here. I’m the one interviewin’ you.”

“What?” Sawyer didn’t bother to sit down. “What the hell are you talkin’ about?”

“Sit,” Zane commanded

Sawyer couldn’t hold back his laugh. “You’ve taken to orderin’ me around, now, have you?”

“Somethin’ like that. Now sit so we can get on with it.”

“You’re serious? You’re doin’ this interview?”

“Don’t act so surprised. Nicole trusts me. She asked, I said yes, and here we are. Have a little faith, would ya? It ain’t like I can’t read off a few questions. And your answers are bein’ recorded, so you have nothin’ to worry about.”

“With you, I’m not sure that’ll ever be the case.”

Sawyer did take a seat, giving in because what the hell. He had nothing better to do and without a doubt, this was going to be amusing. After all, this was Zane. Doing an interview.

“All right, let’s get started. First question,” Zane said as he glanced down at his notes, then looked back up.

Sawyer knew instantly that things were going to go exactly as he’d expected. And here’s how the interview went (just remember, it was Nicole’s idea to put Zane in charge of the questions – someone should probably have a chat with her about that):

Question #1: What do you think Victoria’s secret is?

Sawyer: *cocks eyebrow* That’s really your first interview question?

Zane: *glances down at paper* Yep. It is.

Sawyer: And you want a serious answer?

Zane: An answer? Yes. As to whether it’s serious or not, that depends on whether you think Victoria is a spy, or if you think she’s a naughty minx.

Sawyer: *laughs* Lord have mercy.

Zane: Well? What’s her secret?

Sawyer: That’s not for me to question. If Victoria wants to keep a secret, more power to her. Just as long as she keeps women everywhere outfitted in that sexy lingerie, I don’t care what she’s hidin’.

Zane: Fair enough. V’s got this sexy little red—

Sawyer: *interrupts* Ask the next question, Zane.

Zane: Right.


Question #2: Have Mack and Jeff taken their relationship public? Are they more comfortable now as a couple?

Sawyer: *narrows eyes* I think that’s a question better left for Kennedy’s father and Mack to answer.

Zane: But readers want your input.

Sawyer: My input is irrelevant.

Zane: Well, that’s a given. *grins* But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear what you have to say.

Sawyer: Let’s just say that Mack and Jeff have some things to work out. But, I believe that everything happens for a reason. And in the end, if it was meant to be, it will be.


Question #3: Where were you 3 hours ago? And do you think someone was stalking you?

Sawyer: *laughs* You come up with the strangest questions, you know that?

Zane: I try. But that didn’t answer my question.

Sawyer: Three hours ago, I was asleep. And yes, I think I’m bein’ stalked. By my dog.

Zane: Have you set up a video camera to see if you can catch him?

Sawyer: *frowns* What? No. Why the hell would I do that?

Zane: Hell if I know. I don’t know why you do half the stuff you do.

Sawyer: Next question, Zane.


Question #4: Do you believe honesty is the best policy?

Sawyer: Yes. If you trust someone, then yes, I believe that being honest with them is the best route to take.

Zane: And if you don’t trust them?

Sawyer: If you don’t, then what does it matter?

Zane: Do you trust me?

Sawyer: I did before this interview. I’m not so sure anymore.


Question #5: What happened to Tim after you found him and Kennedy?

Sawyer: *growls* I prefer not to talk about that.

Zane: Did you kick his ass?

Sawyer: He’s a cop, Zane.

Zane: So? That doesn’t mean he didn’t need a good ass whooping after what he did.

Sawyer: Agree. However, I was more worried about Kennedy. I left it to the police chief to dole out the punishment he felt Tim deserved.


Question #6: Would you be willing to eat a bowl of grasshoppers for $50,000?

Sawyer: *grins* Probably not. Maybe for $60,000, but definitely not $50,000.

Zane: Really?

Sawyer: Really.


Question #7: Who is your hero?

Sawyer: *sobers* Dad.

Zane: Curtis Walker is your hero?

Sawyer: He is. I’ve always looked up to the man and never once, in all my life, has he ever let me down. I believe, without a doubt, that I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it weren’t for him. I don’t think any of us would be.

Zane: No arguments from me. *writes something down*

Sawyer: What are you writing?

Zane: *doesn’t look up as he keeps writing* What you just said.

Sawyer: I thought you said this interview was bein’ recorded.

Zane: *looks up* It is.

Sawyer: So why the notes?

Zane: I’m goin’ to see Dad when I leave here.

Sawyer: Why?

Zane: ‘Cause I’ve got somethin’ to tell him.

Sawyer: You’re stealin’ my line?

Zane: *smirks* Maybe

Sawyer: Ass kiss.

Zane: Hey, it’s your line. I’m just gonna use it.


Final Question: If you could wake up tomorrow in someone else’s body, who would you pick and what would you do?

Sawyer: That’s easy. I’d pick you and tomorrow, when I woke up as you, I’d eat a bowl of grasshoppers and get paid $50,000. Then I’d immediately ask to be turned back.

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