We are so excited to introduce you to our inaugural XOXperts team! These amazing people will act as XOXOAD’s official street team for the next year and will be an active part of the site. 

This post rounds out the last of our group. Please join us in welcoming Limecello, Chrystina, Zandalee, Stacy, and Krista today!



I’m a Reader, Reviewer, Impoverished Lawyer, Foodie, Editor, Blogger, and Discusser of all things random. I mostly read contemporary, historical, and paranormal romances, but am willing to give almost every sub-genre a try.





CHRYSTINAChrystina from Lucasville, OH

I am a reader, book blogger and mother of four wonderful kids. I love to read anything with even a little bit (or a lot) of romance. You can usually find me up long after dark with my nose to my Kindle!







Zandalee Arciniega

ZANDALEE from Escondido, CA

I have a penchant for writing and reading; although some may go as far as to say I’m addicted. I vent my love for books through my blog, Valley of the Book Doll. When I’m not glued to a romance novel or a young adult book, I’m working my way through college to obtain a degree in literature and writing.









StacySTACY from Brookhaven, PA

Hi my name is Stacy, I go by StacyHgg on social media. I’m an avid reader of Romance, and a “closet” book blogger over at Books Unhinged. When I have time off from reading I work as an RN, but you know that’s just a side job, you see?






KBald3KRISTA from Lakeland, FL

I’m Krista aka The Bald Avenger—Wife of 22 years, Mom of a 19yo and 12 yo, crafter, reader, writer and volunteer. My passion is my family, working to help end bullying in schools, and raising money for pediatric cancer. I shaved my head for a fundraiser, thus my bald head photo—I love it! I read just about everything I can get my hands on—all types of romance, fantasy, memoirs, horror, short stories/anthologies, and I’m not afraid to admit I love YA books at the age of 44!