All of MeThis time of year is no joke, and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart! Lucky for us, New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones stopped by to give us all some reading suggestions on scenes from her beloved Inside Out Series that are sure to get the heart pumping–whether you’re with the one you love or are single and ready to mingle!

First off, thank you to XOXO AfterDark for having me on the blog today! They gave me free will so let’s have some fun to celebrate the most romantic, and sexy holiday! I have a new reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, as the  most beloved characters from my INSIDE OUT series tied the knot and finally got their happily ever after.

ALL OF ME is the final book in the INSIDE OUT series and just released on February 2nd. When I sat down to pen this book it was only supposed to be a novella. Just a quick, sweet Valentine’s Day story for Sara and Chris’s finale. As I wrote, I realized that nothing with Chris and Sara has ever been quick and sweet. These two are explosive passion, and have torturous pasts. They were due that same passion and full closure after all they’d been through. So, I decided to take Valentine’s Day, a day a lot of us celebrate with chocolates, flowers, professed love, sexy times, etc. and make it their own special day. If you’ve read the series, you know, Sara and Chris always take it one step further, so why not take Valentine’s Day one step further? Make the ultimate, and lasting commitment on a day that neither Chris nor Sara thought would ever be a reason to celebrate.

Writing this final story was beyond difficult for me. I have known and loved these characters for years and saying goodbye hurt. But, the ending got me thinking about the beginning, about Sara and Chris’s best times. The INSIDE OUT series is by far my sexiest series to date. So I thought it might be fun to share their top 5 sexiest times from the series –

  • The Window Scene (IF I WERE YOU) – one of my personal favorites, and one the readers love as well.
  • The Sensory Scene (NO IN BETWEEN) – let’s just say this one involved a blindfold, ice, oil and a whole lot of trust
  • The Spanking Scene (BEING ME) – I’ll let you use your imagination for that one 🙂
  • The Shower Scene (BEING ME) – This was about so much more than the physical need for one another. In context, it was a very defining moment for Chris and Sara as a couple.
  • The Painting Scene (ALL OF ME) – For me this was the only way the series could end.

So I hope that enticed you at least a little! If you’re new to the series I hope it got your 1-click finger twitching, and if you’re a longtime reader (Thank You!) I hope you’re flipping through the pages and wanting to relive those moments with Chris and Sara. It’s hard to say goodbye to Sara, Chris, and let’s not forget Mark! But, I feel with ALL OF ME, this was the ending I was look towards from day one. I made sure to give full closure to everyone but Ella, who will get her own series, and I just hope my readers love it as much as I loved writing it!


Lisa Renee Jones