We are so excited to introduce you to our inaugural XOXperts team! These amazing people will act as XOXOAD’s official street team for the next year and will be an active part of the site. 

Over the next couple weeks, you’ll get the opportunity to get to know our members. Please join us in welcoming Kathy, Reanell, Natalee, Nina, Tammy, and Samien today!


Kathy Townsend

KATHY from Helotes, TX

I am a devoted military wife, proud mother of four amazing children and professional organizer of chaos!  On a good day, you will most likely find me curled up on my couch with a good book and a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea.  I am a Romance and Women’s Fiction addict who loves finishing a book either surrounded by Kleenex or smiling from satisfaction…  and if I’m doing both…  that’s utter bliss!




REANELL from Chillicothe, OH 

Hello, my name is Reanell, I have 3 children with the man of my dreams(15 years together), and work full time at a Pilot truck stop. I love to read, and will just about read any genre, but I get the most enjoyment out of romance.





NATALEE from Encino, CA

I’m Natalee, and I live in sunny LA. I work as a freelance journalist. I’m very passionate about reading and writing, so much that I find myself devouring 3-5 books per week. It’s an addiction, really. A good romance with just a hint of angst and suspense can remedy and brighten up any day.







Nina 2NINA from Macon, GA

I live to read and read to live…..well except when alas I must put down the written word and resume my wife, mom, or southern hospitality character. As to my reading preference, I swim in the romance genre, routinely dipping my toes in the dark deep end. If my Kindle isn’t in my hand, I’m probably at The Literary Gossip blogging with The Gossip Girls about all things that fall in between the pages of these fabulous books we read! Read. Live. Enjoy.









TAMMY from Humboldt, TN

Hi, my name is Tammy Zautner. I’m a Northern girl living in a Southern world! I might be quiet and reserved but underneath rages a fire for books with half-naked, pierced, and tattooed bad boys! I devour books on a daily basis. My heart gets lost in all kinds of stories, from humorous to dark, erotic to contemporary, and everything “romance” in between.






SAMIEN from SaSamienint Paul, MN

I’m a Midwestern, metro living, working professional, wife, mom, and aspiring writer. I’ve been a reader my whole life of many genres, but the past few years I’ve been indulging in contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and erotica. I’m also a blogger with Wild Wordy Women, and you’ll find me with my Kindle always by my side.