Today we’re delighted to welcome Jacey Conrad and Gia Corona, the authors of the Facile Restaurant Series, a self-published collection of erotic romance e-shorts. Each story features a new pairing and setting over the course of one insanely complicated dining service at Facile, a newly opened French Quarter eatery. The first five installments of the ten-part series, SEARED, BURNED, POACHED, BOILED and GRILLED have been released through Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks. 

The advantage of having two terrific authors on a writing team is that XOXOAD can relax and let them do all the work! Read on as Jacey and Gia interview each other in our first Author Q&A&Q&A–and these two authors have come with swag! Be sure to enter our contest by leaving a comment, and you’ll win a pretty amazing prize package: the FACILE Omnibus, Vol. 1 (the first five stories in print) and some adult oriented goodies from Pure Romance. (The latter includes an edible body product called WHIPPED, which is sort of perfect, considering that’s the title of one of C&C’s stories. And a product called Bosom Buddy, which is a balm for lips and… other parts.)

Take it away, Jacey and Gia!


Jacey: So why did you decide to work with me again?

Gia: I adore you. I had the best time writing our novel set together, so this just seemed like it would be more of the same, except with more kitchen hijinks! Did I mention I adore you?

Jacey: Totally mutual. We’re both new to the erotic romance genre. In terms of writing the sex scenes, was it weird for you to try to find the line between romance novels and the expectations of readers who enjoy more adult fare?

Gia: This is a bit hard for me to answer. I don’t actually read romance novels for the most part.

Jacey:  What?!

Gia: I read novels that have romance in them, but I don’t read straight up romance. (Please don’t shoot me.) Basically I just wrote what I would want to read if I wanted to read a sex scene. And I have a pretty filthy mind. *waggles eyebrows rakishly*

Jacey: Your style is a bit more serious than mine. How difficult has it been to find the balance between your dark prose and my snarkiness?

Gia: I amped up my smart assiness (shut up, it is so a word) to a factor of eleven. And kept my darkness in check. This was supposed to be a fun project with maiming and psychological damage kept to a minimum so I kept that in mind too.

Jacey: Do you have a favorite “type” of hero to write?

Gia: Nope. I will write any type of hero—and I have in some of my other novels. Straight up good guys, conflicted angsty ones, reformed bad boys, manwhores—the only thing pretty common to all of them is that they are usually pretty funny and love to banter.

Jacey: What do you hope readers get from the series?

Gia: Would fodder for orgasms be an appropriate response? Y/N? Failing that, just to introduce readers to us and hope that they enjoy themselves reading as much as we did writing. I had such a good time with these characters and wouldn’t mind diving back into the world for another go.

Gia: OK, here are my questions for you. What made you want to write a series of short stories/work on a project like this? It’s a bit of a departure from your usual format and style.

Jacey: I really liked the idea of being able to “bang out” a story in a week, as opposed to spending six months on a full novel.  It was quick, fun, dirty and stress-free. And I LOVED that we were able to interconnect such a large cast of characters in the same space and storyline.

And it gave me an excuse to IM you every day to ask about plot issues, so WIN.

Gia: How did you decide what your heroes/heroines would look like? Did you have an extracurricular help? Any imaginary famous boyfriends we should be aware of?

Jacey: Well, of course, there is our super-sekrit Pinterest board, where we fantasy cast our characters. I always find that to be very helpful in terms of visualization.  And I definitely picture certain physiques and features for different types of characters. I knew that Kate needed to be curvy and gorgeous, so I pictured Christina Hendricks. I wanted Lee to be earthy and sensual, while still having a sort of earnestness to him, so I pictured Tom Hardy.

By the way, I find it alarming that you were able to find THAT MANY shirtless pictures of Michael Fassbender on Pinterest. I mean, I knew there were SOME shirtless pictures of Michael Fassbender out there, but… wow. When you dedicate yourself to something, you can be a little scary.

And my husband is very accepting of my constantly revolving roster of imaginary celebrity boyfriends. In my mind, I’m merrily juggling relationships with Tom Hardy, Luke Evans and Karl Urban.  And then visiting Tom Hiddleston for lost weekends.  Gerard Butler and I broke up after he made The Ugly Truth.

Gia: You wrote some pretty hot and varied sex scenes. Did it feel strange to write those since you don’t get to write with such detail in your other works? And a follow-up: How embarrassed are you for your mom to read these?

Jacey: I promised myself that the set-up for every sex scene would be different. The fun thing about setting the series in a restaurant is that there were no beds available, so we had people going at it in closets, banquettes, rooftops, coolers, etc. At one point, I made a map of all the sex locations in the restaurant to make sure we weren’t overlapping. It was all fun and games until my husband found it. He was very confused.

It was actually pretty freeing, knowing that there weren’t a lot of limits as to what I could allow the characters to do. I spent less time trying to come up with appropriate man-part euphemisms.

And my mother and I have made a pact. She will never ever read these titles.


Gia: Let’s play a game of Marry, Screw, Kill. Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Norman Reedus. GO!

Jacey: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?  How could you expect me to choose like this? Solomon couldn’t play this game! I thought we were friends!


So I would Marry Idris Elba, because he seems like the type of guy who would make an interesting long-term partner. Also, I would get to hear him talk every day. And I would make him recite random snatches of dialogue from RocknRolla whenever I wanted… And the “cancel the Apocalypse” speech from Pacific Rim.

And maybe make him narrate my life like he’s Heimdall and he’s watching me from afar.

I would Screw Tom Hardy. BECAUSE OF REASONS.

And I would kill Norman Reedus, with great delicacy and mercy. And since this is a fictional world where I manage to attract the attention of Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, and Norman Reedus, I would go to the nearest vampire bar, find a real vampire and have him turned into a sexy, scruffy immortal that I would keep forever and ever.

Idris would be OK with it, if I asked nicely.  He’s just that kind of husband.

And now, I throw it back on you, smart aleck. Marry, Screw, Kill: Michael Fassbender, Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen.

Gia: I would marry Fassbender. Seriously, I want to wake up to him every morning of my life. I would be married to freakin’ Magneto. I would totally make him steal his helmet from one of the movies to bring home. Just because, okay? No special reason. Stop judging me!

Jacey: Did you see my nerd-rant over Idris Elba’s voice? I judge no one.

Gia:  I would screw Mads Mikkelsen. He would need to have his Royal Affair ponytail back though. Sigh.  I would kill Hugh Dancy. (Sob.) I’m sorry, Will, but there’s no way I’m taking out Hannibal for you.

Jacey: Wow. You killed Hugh Dancy. I didn’t know you had that in you.  I wasn’t at all surprised by the Fassie marriage, though. In my head, I’m already designing your wedding cake… so many fondant ravens.

Gia: What would you like readers to know that they may not already about the series and the authors?

Jacey: We have a paranormal erotic romance series coming out this summer from Omnific.  We’re very excited!

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