Last CallWe’re so excited to have Alice Clayton back on XOXO After Dark! Today, she’s talking to us about her New Year’s resolutions for this year.

Speaking of, if you haven’t already, you need to make it your resolution to read every book Alice has ever written, including Last Call–the latest addition to the Cocktail series! And we mean it. You won’t be sorry.

So it’s January. And January is kind of a crap month, right? I mean, it’s really only good for one thing. Resolutions. Well, and cleaning. It’s good for cleaning. Cleaning up after the holidays, throwing away all those boxes and all that wrapping paper, packing up the ornaments and tree topper, putting them away for another year. OK, so it’s good for two things.  Resolutions and cleaning. Which are kind of the same things…right?

I get the same feeling in January that I seem to get in September. September seems like a good reset button, I think that’s built in to most of us based on that wonderful feeling we all got with from Back to School. Our brand new clean and perfect notebooks, pencils, erasers, etc. I get the same rush when I work on my brand new clean and perfect planner for the new year. Look at that new year. Shiny and sparkling, unspoiled. On January 1st, it’s still The Perfect Year. This could be the year I….fill in the blank.

  •             Lose ten pounds.
  •             Fuck that. Lose ten pounds. Then repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
  •             Learn French.
  •             Go to France and fake it. The language that is. Don’t fake the other…please to be reading WALLBANGER if you’re still unclear why.
  •             Turn in all your projects on time. (Hi Micki Nuding! The most beautiful editor in all of Simon & Schuster Land!)
  •             Stay in love.
  •             Get married.
  •             Get a Bernese Mountain Dog.
  •             Buy your dream house.
  •             Settle for a slightly smaller dream house.
  •             Settle for an even slightly smaller dream house so you can also live the dream of living abroad part of every year.
  •             Stop googling Robert Pattinson at the beginning of your day…just to see what he’s up to. Also when you take a break from writing. That’s a bad habit. Also when you’re sitting in traffic.
  •             Say thank you. More than you already do.
  •             Say I love you. More than you already do.
  •             Be more thoughtful. More kind. More aware. More anticipatory. More respectful.
  •             FUCKING LEARN FRENCH.
  •             Let yourself off the hook.

Resolutions and cleaning house, be it an actual house or a virtual house, can be the same things. I’m not sure if I believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but I know I believe in that reset button. That I can get my Trapper Keeper of Life in order. And January is a very good time to do this.

I look ahead to this year, and I see limitless possibilities, provided I can shake off my own limitations. I’m launching two new series this year, and I dearly hope that you’ll come along on this ride with me. 2014 was great, chickens. 2015 looks incredible.

By the way, that’s my actual To Do List for 2015 🙂