Christmas in Romancelandia is a magical time: skaters taking turns on the Rockefeller Center ice rink, hordes of tourists gawking at the big tree, the line around the block at the Lego Store. (You caught me, Romancelandia is located at the S&S offices, but, hey, write what you know!)

There’s a common refrain that gets punted around the Self-Help section of the Internet in December: That the holidays are a hard time to be single, especially as a woman. And some might even say that the holidays are tough especially in Romancelandia, where happily ever after rules the day. But to them, I say: You’re wrong.

You can see the evidence in our mailboxes. The office has been overflowing with cakes, cookies, wine, presents galore, all because of the close relationships forged by a love of romance. The notes that have come to me and my colleagues have been touching, heartfelt, and full of the sort of love that doesn’t often get novels written about it, but makes the world go around nonetheless. The notes may not be romantic, per se, but they’re love, too.

And as those presents rolled into the office, the tidal wave of good cheer rose up: my comrades in romance stood by the plates of cookies, we passed around the cakes with laughter and fellow-feeling, we practically read each other The Night Before Christmas, complete with vocal effects. And so, looking around at the people with whom I spend my days—grammatical jokes, sad-desk-salads, deadline commiseration, and all—I realized that it’s not tough to be a single gal at the holidays, no, not tough at all.

It’s delightful to be a lover of romance surrounded by people who value the same things she does—reading a good book, a nice glass of wine, and the impending vacation that makes one’s coworkers seem even more endearing. Toasty-warm Season’s Greetings from Romancelandia!