New York Times bestselling author Cindy Gerard chats with XOXO about how honored she is to write about the brave men and women of the military. Keep reading to find out just how much it means to Cindy Gerard and don’t miss the free read this week, Cindy’s own KILLING TIME.


Welcome home Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi!

I’m so happy that I get to say that. He was finally released the first of November after almost 7 months of unjust imprisonment in a Mexican jail. Our US Marine is finally back in the USA with his family. Do I know him personally? No. But I know he’s an American marine who has sacrificed much for our country and he deserves all the support he can get – even from me, a total stranger.

Both my Black Ops, Inc. and One-Eyed Jacks series pay homage to our American heroes and I’m so honored that I get to write about them. All of my heroes were former army, marine, or SEALS. Needless to say, I’ve done tons of research on those three branches of the military. I know what these people go through just to make the grade as enlisted men or women. And when they extend themselves to Special Operations , which in the Army are the Rangers, Special Forces (Green Beret) and Delta Force, in the Marines, Force Recon and in the Navy, SEALS, trust me, it takes a very special, very dedicated and strong-willed person to endure the rigorous physical and mental training regiments to make the grade.

I take great pains to ensure that I’m portraying these guys accurately. I incorporate all the information I’ve gleaned – well, not all because it gets pretty technical – to enrich the stories, create a sense of reality and showcase the massive amount of education and training they must go through in order to perform these very dangerous, highly technical jobs.

In addition, I attempt to delve into their psyche – to understand and know what compelled them to serve, continue to serve in another capacity and what they are dealing with post combat, both physically and emotionally. If not broken, many of these individuals are forever scarred, both physically and mentally by the experiences they’ve been through. That’s why I support organizations such as Paralyzed Veterans of America, the USO, and the Wounded Warriors Project. And that’s why I’m so delighted to write this piece during the week of Veteran’s Day and showcase all the sacrifices our military makes for us.

I love writing about our American military heroes – and trust me – if they wear or have worn a uniform, they are heroes. Everything we have – our freedom and democratic way of life – we owe to the soldier, the marine, the sailor, the airmen and women who defend our ideals and our shores from harm.

So if you see someone in uniform, have a family member or friend who is serving or who has served, don’t be shy. Thank them for their service. Let them know, that in this dangerous world we live in today, that we appreciate beyond measure the measures they have taken to keep our country free.


So once again, Welcome Home Andrew Tahmooressi! And thank you for your service.