It’s getting to be that time of year! You all know what we’re talking about … chilly weather, a great cup of hot chocolate (or coffee, or tea, or a hot toddy, maybe?), a warm blanket, and of course a good book! Since we can’t possibly wait any longer to snuggle up with the winter anthology BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE by Jennifer Probst, Emma Chase, Kristen Proby, Melody Anne and Kate Meader, we’re offering all you XOXO’ers out there a chance to read excerpts from all five stories before the book is even on sale on October 28th! First up? An excerpt from Searching For You by Jennifer Probst. Be sure to check back every day this week for a new excerpt from these five lovely ladies!

Searching For You by Jennifer Probst in BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE

The world tumbled in slow motion, then stopped for a brief moment. Her blood rushed in her veins, wetness seeped between her thighs, her pulse pounded with a mad glee, and then he kissed her and it was all over.

She was lost.

A low moan ripped from her throat at contact and his tongue plunged deep. Completely raw, with little finesse and all dark hunger, he invaded her mouth.

The past and present blurred together, but this time, there was no retreat. Meeting him halfway, their tongues tangled and fought in a sensual dual she was happy to lose. He claimed and plundered, pressing her back over the chair until she was stretched out and he loomed over her. His other hand cupped her breast, flicking the tight bud of her nipple. She gripped his shoulders and arched against him, asking for more, and without breaking the kiss, his hand slipped underneath the V neck, under the lace of her bra, and hit bare skin.

Oh, God. It felt so good, his fingers tweaking, causing a lightning bolt to hit straight to her clit, which was so full and desperate for pressure. Never had her body lit up so fast, with just a kiss and simple touch. Usually it took awhile for foreplay to get her going, but holy crap, she was going to come right now if she could just lift her hips a bit and rub—

“Don’t think so, my little hellcat.” He murmured the words against her lips, pausing to bite, then suck. “I waited ten years to have you. I’m not letting you get off on a quick rub in the chair.”

She should be completely embarrassed, but Riley was beyond caring how she got there. She wasn’t into casual sex or one-night stands—she was on the hunt for a husband. But right now, tonight, the need in her body hurt too much. Her hunger reached beyond any type of rationality. Riley craved the hard fall of the unknown, living the fantasy of becoming his lover for one night. Plenty of time to restock and get her plan back in order tomorrow. She tugged harder, trying to lift her ass higher. “You win. I want you.”

He chuckled low and dirty. “Oh, baby, you’re still gonna pay.”

Shivers raced down her spine. He teased her nipple, flicking it back and forth, until it was so taut and swollen she knew one swipe of his tongue could take care of the agony. “I didn’t do anything.”

He broke the kiss and looked deep in her eyes. “You did everything. You just don’t know it yet.”

The words made no sense, but he gave her no time to ponder. He lifted her up and pressed her down on the dining room table. With deft motions, he moved the empty plates and her wineglass. Her legs dangled over the side, her back supported by the marble. Riley waited for the frantic pull of clothes, the feel of skin on skin, the mad rush toward orgasm that usually accompanied a passionate encounter. Instead, he towered over her at the edge. With his exotic, simmering gaze trained on hers, Dylan smiled, telling her immediately he was in no rush.

Oh, God, he was going to kill her.

He toed off his shoes and pulled off his sweater with one easy motion. His skin gleamed in the firelight, a beautiful golden brown, with well-defined pecs and biceps. A line of light hair traveled down washboard abs and disappeared into his jeans. Her fingers fisted to unsnap, rip them off, and feast. Riley was just about to jump him when he moved out of reach.

“Stay there. Don’t move.”

He grabbed one of the candles and disappeared, coming back with a few wrapped packages he placed beside him. Oh yeah. Condoms. Thank God he remembered, because her mind had become putty, just like her body.

Without a word, he pulled off each of her boots, rubbing her foot through the stockings in a slow massage. As he pressed into her instep, she swallowed a moan and kicked her leg a bit so he’d get on with the more important parts. Her body throbbed for relief, but he took his time with each foot, then gently let them sway back, dangling in midair.


“Yes, darlin’?”

“Umm, we started at a good pace there, but things have slowed.”

A glint of white teeth flashed. “Ever hear the motto ‘it’s all in the journey and not the destination’?”

“Yeah. I always thought that was bullshit.” She scooted an inch down and wiggled her hips. “Getting to goal is a good thing.” The thought of a mind-blowing orgasm with her secret fantasy had all her circuits firing. She enjoyed sex, but found her mind was way too involved, so she did best with a quick, intense session that got her to climax. Riley had accepted her limitations and issues a long time ago, and though many times she wished to be less complicated, she also realized it was easier to accept and move on than try and fight her natural inclinations.

“What if I told you I intend to change your mind?” He played with her ankle, slipping his fingers under her pants and rubbing her calf. Damn, the man could’ve been a massage therapist and made a million. Her muscles flexed while he kneaded, then caressed the back of her knee. Bolts of pleasure streaked through her. “What if I told you I don’t intend to let you get to goal until you’re begging me?”

Uh, yeah. Good try. But she was so hot right now, as soon as he got close for any friction she’d take care of herself. Besides, he didn’t know about her issues of nonstop mental chatter. Still, she smiled. “I’d say good luck.”

His grin was very smug and very male. A shiver of warning trickled down her spine. She’d never begged for anything in her life, especially for a man to satisfy her. She didn’t intend to start now.

Dylan leaned over and skated both hands higher, pausing right underneath her thighs. He squeezed hard, and her hips lifted unconsciously. “I’m going to love every moment of this.” With one deft movement, he gripped the material of her pants and pulled them off her. The white lace of her panties was already past damp, but when she tried to close her legs an inch, he lifted her legs high and placed them on the edge of the table. Far apart.

Riley sucked in a breath, feeling exposed everywhere. His hot gaze took in every inch of her skin, lingering on her most private parts, until a secret thrill began to build. Something dark and dirty stirred to life. A man never took the time to study her body with such razor intent, as  if dying to ravish, taste, mate. She trembled, not knowing what to do with the crazy feelings beginning to surge.

“So pretty,” he murmured, tracing one index finger over the elastic, skimming over the front so she struggled to remain still. “So wet. But not enough. Not yet.”

His talk shocked her. Men didn’t talk . . . like that. Did they? And why did she like it? Dylan leaned over, and she released a sigh, waiting for the final barrier to be off and feel him inside her.

Instead, he lowered his mouth and pressed kisses over her thighs with a leisurely intent that told her he was in no rush. His tongue lashed out at her, tasting the sensitive skin of her inner thigh, knee, calves, and slowly back up. Her mind spun and grabbed for purchase, but there was no logic. She tried to grab his head and urge him upward, but he ignored her. A nibble here, a lick there; his hands consistently roved, pushing up her sweater and dipping into her belly button, squeezing her hips, playing with the damn elastic of her panties until a whimper broke from her lips.

Finally, he inched his way back up. The heat of his skin burned into hers, and with the same easy pace, he pushed up the sweater, propped her up, and guided it over her head.

“You taste like I imagined. Exotic. Sweet.”

Her voice sounded like sandpaper. “Orange blossom body lotion.”

“And jasmine.”

“Yes, that’s in there, too. Dylan, what are you doing?” Her eyes begged him to give her the orgasm and stop the torture, but the wicked grin that tugged at his lips told her he had other plans.

“Everything. By the time I taste your pussy, you’ll beg me to let you come against my tongue. And I’ll demand it, Riley. Every last bit of it is mine.”

Filthy. Words like this had never been spoken to her, but she grew wetter, and her skin itched with such sensitivity she rolled back and forth in an effort to soothe. He laughed, cupping her breasts through the sheer white lace that matched her panties. Her nipples were already hard and aching, desperate to be released from their prison, but he just dipped his head and began licking her through the material, scraping his teeth over the sensitive nub again and again until a low scream built at the back of her throat. His erection behind his jeans seemed massive, pressed against her swollen core, and she half lifted to press against him. His teeth nipped sharply against her nipple and she cried out. The pain lashed and turned to excruciating pleasure, forcing her head to thrash back and forth. Too much. It was all too much.

“I can’t do this,” she moaned. “It’s taking too long.”

Dylan unsnapped her bra and cupped her bare breasts, lifting them up to his mouth. “It’s never enough. Not for you. Don’t know what dickheads you’ve been with, but ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ is not your style.”

“Yes! It is!”

His lips closed around her nipple and he sucked. She held on to him in a fierce grip, arched upward, burning alive to satisfy the ache between her legs and the need for this man to take all of her, any way he wanted, over and over and over.

“Open your mouth for me, Riley.” His eyes seethed with demand and lust. “Now.”

His tongue surged between her lips and she almost wept with the pleasure. He plundered every last secret, then softened the pressure so he could play. The dual effects of hard and soft, rough and gentle, slow and fast, broke down her mental barriers and left her with nothing.

Just freedom.

By the time he broke the kiss and moved his way back down her body, Riley was ready to surrender. “Oh, please,” she whispered. “Please.”

“Better. You’re almost there.” He tugged off her panties and laid her bare for his gaze. “Do you know how long I fantasized about tasting you here?” He dragged a finger over her dripping slit, lightly playing on her clit, and Riley writhed with a dark need to let him do anything. “Is that what you want?”


“Ask me, Riley. Beg me.”

“P-p-please kiss me there.”


Shame burned within but she was past caring. “Please kiss my pussy. Please lick me.”

“Beautiful. You’re so beautiful, you were made for this. For me.” He cupped her ass and lifted her up for his mouth. The first wet swipe of his tongue caused a long wail to escape her lips. He avoided her clit, once again taking his time, murmuring terrible, dirty words about her pussy, curling two fingers and plunging inside her at the same time he licked her clit, so lightly and gently Riley felt the last of her sanity shred.

“Dylan, please! I need—I’m begging!”

Without hesitation, he increased the pressure and pounded three fingers into her weeping channel.

She came apart.

The climax tore through her, stole her breath, and ripped her to pieces. She screamed and bucked beneath him, but he never stopped, dragging the pleasure on and on until she was a shivering, trembling mass of exposed nerves.

Riley collapsed, boneless. The hiss of a zipper cut to her ears. The rip of a wrapper. And then he was dragging her down the length of the table, her legs spread wide, feet propped high on his shoulders, completely open to anything he wanted to do.

His cock paused at her entrance. Pushed in an inch. Another. Slowly, he filled her completely, taking everything she had without apology. She stretched to accommodate him, relishing the tightness, and when he was buried deep within her, he interweaved his fingers with hers.

His voice broke. “It’s you. Why didn’t I realize? It’s always been you.”

She had no time to process the words or their meaning. He withdrew all the way, then slammed himself fully back, sheathing his throbbing dick to the hilt. Again. Again. Again.

The ride was wild, long, choppy, thrilling. The second climax shimmered just out of reach, the feeling of him taking over her body, his hips working in a primitive dance, sweat drenching their skin, over and over until—

Riley broke apart, dimly noting him following her over the edge. She gripped his hands as her only anchor, his weight pressing her against the table, until they collapsed.

She closed her eyes.

Her mind was completely and blissfully empty.