Sometimes you just need to talk, discuss, vent all your feelings about a book.  This book could have kept you up at night reading, made you laugh and cry all in the same chapter or might quite have possibly changed your life.  Whatever you connection with the book, you just know that you HAVE to talk about it.  Here to help you chronicle those books is Call Me Ishmael.

Call Me Ishmael is a website that culls and publishes short voicemails from anonymous contributors about the amazing books that changed their lives–sort of like NPR StoryCorps for the bibliophile set. Here’s how it works: Anyone can call the free hotline and leave a one- to three-minute message about a great literary moment in their life. Each day, CMI’s editors go through the messages and pick a single story to post on the site.

Are you trying to pick a life changing book in your head right now? So are we, so call me (Ishmael) maybe?



Courtesy of: PureWow