Get filthy before you get rowdy, with Ansel! Christina Lauren share some juicy bonus content from SWEET FILTHY BOY.  We always wondered what Ansel thought of the morning after in Vegas and now we get to hear it in his own words, literarily.  Christina Lauren’s new book in The Wild Seasons Series, DIRTY ROWDY THING, is available November 4, 2014!

When we first started drafting Sweet Filthy Boy, we were writing the story as we did for the Beautiful series: with alternating male and female POV. But about six chapters in, something just didn’t feel quite right. We realized that in order for us to tell the story we had envisioned, and for the impact of the conflict to be fully experienced, Ansel would hide a lot from the reader throughout the book. We knew it would be impossible to write without feeling disingenuous, and we didn’t want to leave the readers feeling betrayed.

We rewrote the beginning so that it was all in Mia’s POV, but it meant that we had several chapters in Ansel’s voice tucked away to play with sometime later.

Well, the perfect opportunity came up when we were talking to friend and fellow fangirl Kate Spencer, who at the time was working for VH1. We all thought it would be fun to share something from Ansel’s POV, just for the hell of it. We edited it, sent it off, and when it went up on the VH1 site, the response was overwhelming.

We are huge fans of audiobooks and adore the work that Simon & Schuster Audio has done on all of our books, so when they approached us about doing a Sweet Filthy Morning After audio recording, we completely freaked out (in a good way). The narrator, Jason Carpenter, was raised speaking French, and he perfectly captures the subtle accent as well as the easy sweetness that is Ansel Guillaume. When we heard the file, we . . . well, we freaked out again (in a very good way). It felt good to meet Ansel, if that makes sense . . . and we hope the listeners enjoy Sweet Filthy Morning After as much as we enjoyed writing it!

Check out a little taste of the audio recording with this clip from Sweet Filthy Morning After and visit iTunes or to download the full story!