by Abby Z

We at XOXOAD love books (in case that wasn’t obvious). Many of us also love booze! Not in an our-bosses-should-worry way, just in a this-office-is-a-lot-of-fun way. So naturally, we were delighted to find that The Hairpin has a fun (and servicey!) article pairing the perfect cocktail to some of this year’s most popular books.

For example, after reading Gone Girl, maybe you ran out to get all of Gillian Flynn’s other books and are now enjoying Dark Places. It’s Gillian Flynn, so you know this isn’t a feel-good read: a young girl’s mother and sisters are brutally murdered, and her testimony puts her brother in jail for the crime. Now she’s grown up, dependent on ghoulish crime fans for support, and starting to doubt her memories…prepare for insane twists ahead! And what’s the perfect drink to accompany your reading? Author Laura Brennan suggests this hot and dangerous cocktail:

Dark PLacesDemon Coffee:

1/2 shot Coffee Liquor (Kahlua)
1/2 shot Red Vodka

Pour Kahlua into a chilled shot glass. Layer the Red Vodka on top by slowly pouring it into the glass over a chilled spoon. Sip or shoot this one. Maybe have two. This book is intense and amazing, and this drink is too. Neither are for the faint of heart. (You can also switch up the Coffee Liquor for a Pumpkin Creme Liquor.)

Option #2 is to drink pink lemonade and sit in a well-lit area. Choose this option if you need to counteract the tone of this nightmarish novel.

For even more great drink-and-lit pairings, see the whole article at The Hairpin. And tell us in the comments–what’s your perfect cocktail/book pairing?