Happy publication day to Deirdre Dore for her third book in the Mistresses of Fate series: Kiss of Fate. She stopped by XOXO to tell us how excited she is for this latest publication!

At last! I’m so excited to share the final book in my Mistresses of Fate series, Kiss of Fate. This was my first series and I learned a lot from writing it, but this third book is by far my favorite. Raquel is such a unique, complicated character and Brent is just so laid back and capable. The two of them starting falling in love in Whispers of Fate, actually sooner than that…as you’ll see in Kiss, but Raquel is pretty stubborn. Extremely stubborn, and a little damaged, but cool and brave and a wild as well. She rides a Ducati, which I personally think is insane, but I like that about her. And Brent…oh, Brent. Artistic. Intelligent. Patient. Patient most of all. He has to be to help Raquel find out what happened to her friend Summer. Of course, he also has to convince Raquel to keep him around, but since he’s gorgeous, funny, and kisses her like he’s going to pull her soul out of her body, I don’t think she’s going to hold out for long.

I hope you enjoy the final book in the series, and thanks to all my readers and fans who’ve read the books so far. You’re the best.