by Abby Z

We had so much fun with the launch of our XOXO Video channel last week that we just had to bring you one more! If you thought the Dirty-Off was something, wait till you see this game of “Dirty Taboo” from our brand new besties at That’s Normal! If you aren’t already familiar with their particular brand of superfan pop culture whimsy, you must check them out. Here’s how they describe themselves:

That’s Normal is like That friend that knows you were up till 4AM last night Google-ing Outlander costume patterns. That’s normal. We know you haven’t been able to date a single guy without comparing him to Bennett – The Beautiful Bastard.  We hear ya. And it’s even normal that you’ve worried if the IT guys at work know how many times you watched that One Direction video. That’s Normal covers the news and excitement of a range of fandoms, books and pop culture juggernauts with an obsessive, opinionated touch. We are adults who have found a way to lead obsessive lives online, yet to the outsider look as “normal” as any other (Well, any other who has three Edward Cullen cardboard cut outs in their closet**) That’s Normal is: A place where not normal obsessions over pop culture become normal. (At least we think so…)

Enjoy falling down that rabbit hole, XOXOADers! But not until you’ve enjoyed this…

And wait! Because we love you, gentle reader, we have even MORE video-y goodness for you. Even when these ladies try to talk seriously about erotic romance, they’re still funny. Here’s a teaser for you: can you guess which author wrote NKOTB fan-fic when she was a kid?


Thanks so much to That’s Normal for sharing the video love. You can find them all over the webz:





And of course, thanks to our fabulous and funny authors, Christina Lauren, Kresley Cole and Alice Clayton!