If you’re a Kristen Proby fan, you may already know all about her Love Under the Big Sky series–but if it’s new to you, you can check out this sexy small-town trilogy for free right now! We’re sharing LOVING CARA, the first book in the series, as our Free Read this month, so just click on through and enjoy.

And if you’ve already read and loved Cara’s book, we think you’ll be even more happy with SEDUCING LAUREN, the second in the series! In this book, Lauren is being harassed by her sleazy ex-husband–she wants laywer Ty to handle her messy divorce, but Ty would rather handle her, ifyouknowwhatwemeanandwethinkyoudo. Ty and Lauren quickly form an amazing connection, which leads not only to sexytimes but also to a genuinely deep and emotional romance. Kristen Proby herself has said that Ty is one of her favorite heroes she’s ever written.

So in honor of sexy lawyer Ty, we’ve assembled some other lawyers whose briefs we wouldn’t mind examining!


Ah, young Tom Cruise before he went all couch-jumpy and multiple-divorcey. As Lt. Daniel Kaffee in this Aaron Sorkin movie-from-a-play, Cruise brought all his boyish charm and burgeoning sense of honor to the role. We could totally handle the truth, coming from him.

Tom cruise



But maybe “boyish” isn’t quite your thing? Well how about Jackson Hurst, who plays Grayson on Drop Dead Diva? Handsome, upright, and ultimately down with inner beauty–not a bad combination.



Of course, laywers sometimes get a bad rap–and it’s true that maybe not all of them are motivated by a purehearted love of justice. But hey, there’s nothing like a bad boy, right? Here’s a twofer for you: on the top, Richard Gere playing Billy Flynn, the lawyer with a mind for PR and an eye for his lady clients; on the botton, Matthew McConaughey as Michael Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller. All right all right all right indeed!

Richard Gere





And finally, we end with a lawyer joke! OK, not a joke, but a comedy–plus another example of two heads being better than one. Franklin and Bash is a buddy comedy on TNT that (at least among our friends) has become a cult favorite. Starring Breckin Meyer (Clueless) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Saved by the Bell), this is like having your favorite ’90s crushes all grown up!



So let’s hear it for lawyers! Because sometimes, you just need a guy who will stand up and say…