With the news that we’d lost both Joan Rivers and Robin Williams within weeks of each other, Team XOXOAD was feeling a bit blue. So to dust ourselves off and pick ourselves up, we amassed a list of some amazing reads from other comedians we loved, and shared it with The Huffington Post HERE. But there were simply too many great books to include on one list, so here are some more! Have you read and loved these already? Who’d we miss that ought to be on here? Let us know in the comments!


YES PLEASE, Amy Poehler.


This one’s not actually on sale quite yet, but we’re waiting with bated breath–she’s such a dynamo of comedy that we know it’ll be great! Poehler’s amazing on Parks and Rec, so we can’t wait to see what’s next for her. Whatever it is, we hope it includes co-hosting every major awards show with her partner in crime, Tina Fey.








Sedaris might be less familiar to readers than her brother, essayist David Sedaris, but to comedy fans there’s no eclipsing Amy’s fearless approach to comedy as seen in Strangers With Candy, where she played the iconic Jerri Blank.





MindyKalingThe former writer and actress on the U.S. version of The Office is now the star of her own hit show, The Mindy Project. But she won us over when she confessed her love of romcoms!







Lewis BLewisBlacklack is perhaps most familiar as the rageaholic comic who makes occasional appearances on The Daily Show, where his fury at the banal cruelty of politicians, bureaucrats, and other petty dictators has been honed to an art form. But did you know he studied at the Yale School of Drama, and was once the playwright in residence at the West Bank Cafe’s Theatre in Manhattan?





 Birbiglia did the stand-up thing, but his career has evolved into more long-form performance–but he’s no less funny at 60 minutes than at 10! SLEEPWALK WITH ME first appeared as a piece for “This American Life,” but it proved so popular that Birbiglia turned it into a one-man show, and then a book, and then a movie. It’s sort of about his sleep disorder, sort of about being afraid to grow up, and definitely worth enjoying in any format. (He also spent a week sleeping in a Macy’s display window a few years back. As you do.)





DAD IS FAT, Jim Gaffigan

JimGaffiganMost people know Gaffigan for a specific bit that he used to do in his act (HOT POCKETS), but it’s really been so long (HOT POCKETS) since that special that we don’t think it’s even worth mentioning (HOT POCKETS). Instead, we’re talking about his recent bestselling book about having a jillion–OK, five–kids and the general chaos that goes along with that (HOT POCKETS).





THE NERDIST WAY, Chris Hardwick


Hardwick has gone from “that dude who used to host Singled Out” (and Shipmates, the best/worst reality dating show evah!) to “that dude who seems to be everywhere.” He runs Nerdist Enterprises, an online empire that includes the eponymous podcast, Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Star Talk, and many others; he hosts aftershows for Walking Dead and Breaking Bad; and he’s currently the host and producer of “@midnight,” a new Comedy Central game show. Oh, and he does standup too. And in this book, he tells you how to channel the obsessive nature of the nerd into fun and profit! (Or at least keep it from driving you crazy.)




We’ll cap off our list with another classic Joan book for good measure: MEN ARE STUPID…AND THEY LIKE BIG BOOBS. Say it like you mean it, Joan! We’ll miss ya.