Meet Greyson King – the hero for Real series book #4, ROGUE.

All hail the King! 🙂

I say that laughingly, but it’s true. Greyson has had a tough bringing, and he’s raised himself to be smart, resourceful, and deadly. From the moment I met him, he took control of my book, made me change my story, and basically told me there was no way I was going to give Melanie (the heroine) to anyone but him. He also made it clear to me, by the reality of his rather dark circumstances, that I wasn’t going to be able to brush over the man he really was. There would be no “prettying” him up for tender sensitivities. Greyson is who he is – and he is the last man my sweet, good-natured Melanie should probably be with.

She’s hopeful; he’s a cynic.

She’s a party-girl; he’s a shadow. (In the world, he’s practically inexistent.)

She’s thought of as a bimbo; he’s got the brains of a computer.

But Greyson has one huge flaw….or, actually, one very big virtue: He is absolutely obsessed with his heroine. The problem is, that in his world, if he loves her, someone might try and get at him through her.

In my original version of the book (titled RAW in its initial stages), Greyson wasn’t supposed to end up with Melanie. But the chemistry between them was so off-the-charts, he stole her heart as he did mine. So I had to rewrite the whole book, from page one, and was able to do so thanks to the patience and extra-time granted by my fabulous Gallery editor Adam Wilson.

But the book isn’t the only reason the title was changed more aptly to ROGUE, it’s Greyson himself who’s such a rogue and a wild card. A man with a dark past, he has no future, and no trace of existence in this world. Called “Zero” as an alias among the men he rules in the dangerous Underground—where Remington Tate (REAL, Book #1) fights—Greyson is not your college-style “bad boy.” He is a BAD MAN–and definitely doesn’t consider himself good enough for his princess, Melanie.

Melanie, immediately infatuated with the way he looks at her, has no idea what awaits her when she and Greyson meet, but the connection is my absolute favorite kind: instant and electric!

As you can imagine, our badder than bad Greyson instantly takes care of things from there…

And do you all want to know what Greyson thinks in regards to Melanie’s idea of the perfect man?


What about you? Will you get a piece of Greyson King?