If you’re dying to get the skinny on what went down this past weekend at the annual Book Bash conference–too bad, that stuff is top secret. Sorry!


We had our eyes and ears to the ground this weekend in Orlando, FL, and we’re here to recap the good, the crazy, and the downright insane from this year’s largest single-day author signing in the good ol’ U.S. of A.! Check out the recap below from our Senior Publicity Manager extraordinaire!

Adding to the alliteration of this weekend’s event, Book Bash 2014 was a BLAST. Over 80 authors congregated in Orlando, Florida to sign copies of their books for a sea of devoted readers – and we mean devoted…

The main event, the largest single-day signing in the US, started at Noon, but ticket-holders were lining up outside of the convention hall from as early as 6am! When the doors finally opened, the smiling faces came piling in and quickly moved to the tables of their favorite authors. While the event was mostly populated with ladies, there were some men peppered in the crowd, including this keeper.


Get it, Judy.

Gallery was proudly representing at the front of the room alongside our friends at Atria (we see you, Ariele and Jhanteigh…)


And our Gallery authors were staked out in the opposite corner. In the mix were Emma Chase, Alice Clayton, J.M. Darhower, Helena Hunting, and Christina Lauren – all drawing impressive crowds. Here is a panoramic shot (admittedly imperfect, apologies to the lady with the unbelievably voluminous hair) of Christina Lauren’s line snaking along the back wall of the convention space.


It stayed this way all.day.

When the event ended, the authors nursed their sore hands while the organizers transformed the room from a staid convention hall to beautiful event space for the evening’s ANGSTfest After Party, co-hosted by Gallery Books. When we reentered the room hours later, there was a full concert stage erected in the place of signing tables, a large dance floor, low-lighting accented by purple and pink LED orbs, and – of course – two fully stocked bars ready and waiting. It was an amazing way to end the weekend with authors, bloggers, and a ton of readers dancing the night away.

We’re already looking forward to Book Bash 2015…and I’m sure many others (namely Judy’s Bitch) feel the same way.