Ever felt immediate lust for that hottie across the room? Sarah did, but she tried to ignore it. Too bad Chris doesn’t give up that easily. Indie author of CLIPPED WINGS and INKED ARMOR Helena Hunting stopped by to chat about her latest enovella, CRACKS IN THE ARMOR!


I’d like to thank XOXO After Dark for having me back to celebrate the release of my second novella, and the fourth installment in the Clipped Wings Series, Cracks in the Armor.

As a reader I’ve always been drawn to stories with flawed characters. To me, those imperfections make a character relatable. In fact, the more broken they are, the more endearing I find them. Reaching the Happily Ever After is so much more gratifying, and authentic when those flawed characters make poor choices, yet find a way to overcome the obstacles in their path to happiness. It’s the possibility for growth that draws me and makes me fall in love with them.

For as much as I adore reading about those less-than-perfect characters, I love writing them as well. I have a habit—for better or worse—of putting them through the wringer before I let them find their way to a happy ending. They get there eventually, though.

Characters that face personal hardships, whether they are emotional, psychological, physical, or all of the above, are the ones I feel compelled to write. The consequences for actions, and the sometimes irrational, ill-thought-out decisions people make in the face of fear or the unknown, make a character fallible. Beyond the ability to make a choice when presented with a dilemma, sometimes there are situations over which people have no control. It’s those events, no matter how mild or severe the potential trauma, that shape a person’s perception of the world, and impacts their relationships with others. Those relationships are what drive the characters I love to torment.

As my debut series, the Clipped Wings characters are very close to my heart. So when I was given the opportunity to dive back into the Inked Armor world and put different characters into the spotlight, Chris and Sarah were a natural first choice. Just like Hayden and Tenley from Clipped Wings and Inked Armor, these two have their own issues to overcome, and neither one is close to perfect.

At first glance, Chris Zelter, an artist at the tattoo shop, Inked Armor, appears to be the kind of guy you wouldn’t want to run into a dark alley. Tattooed and built, he’s got a badass vibe and dodgy past he doesn’t bother to hide. He’s one giant red flag for Sarah, a waitress at the club Chris like to frequent. Smart girl that she is, Sarah tries to blow him off. His persistence, along with his panty-dropping smile makes him difficult to resist, though.

Sarah soon discovers that beyond his talent for tattooing, there’s a loyal, well intentioned man under the massive frame of muscle and ink. In spite of all the red flags, Sarah finds it hard think with her head when her heart has different ideas.