I never intended to write another book about Simon and Caroline. Their story was done. Complete. Finito. Stick a fork in it and call it a happy ending. But about a month or so after Wallbanger came out, Simon started to creep into my dreams…

Obviously this is never a bad thing, Simon Parker coming to you while you sleep? Mmmm. But while his nocturnal visits were lovely, he just wouldn’t shut up! He had more of a story to tell than I thought he did, and it turns out, so did Caroline.

I have always been fascinated by the happily ever after of course, but even more interesting to me is the in between. The post honeymoon phase when real life begins to creep in and make itself known. When you go beyond the sexing around the clock (don’t worry, there’s plenty of that in Rusty Nailed…pfft) and things like bill paying and trash removal become part of the daily. Just like the sexing.

I asked my mother once, “When you and Dad got married, how did you know how to make tuna fish?” I’m sure you can imagine the look she gave me. I pressed on. “No seriously, I bet your mom made tuna fish differently than Grandma’s made for Dad. So how did you know which tuna fish recipe to use?” The answer, not surprisingly, was “I made it the way I like it and he learned to like it as well.” Classic.

Mr. Alice likes real onion in his tuna fish, I prefer onion flakes. Thank goodness we are both Hellman’s people, no Miracle Whip in our household! Mr. Alice likes Jif. I like Peter Pan. So we have both. And that’s the way we keep the peace in our usually happy home. But god forbid he ever sneaks a sweet pickle onto my plate…guest room, buddy. Go there, and think about what you just did.

As I began to write the next chapter in the world of Simon and Caroline, I thought about what makes a couple last, and go beyond the honeymoon stage. It’s compromise dammit, and anyone that’s been in a long term relationship knows that about the only way you can keep things together. But can you make compromise sexy? I sure hope so, and I sure hope you love Rusty Nailed. You got banged, you might as well get nailed, right?

As I write this, I am somewhat distracted. You see, there’s a very sparkly diamond on my left hand that has only set up shop there 2 days ago. That’s right. After 23 years, Mr. Alice has finally decided to make an honest woman out of me. It was perfect and magical and exactly us. I can’t wait to see where my own happy ending is going to go, but for now? Please enjoy some more ridiculous with Simon and Caroline in Rusty Nailed…


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