Holy crap, you miss one week…apparently they took Duncan to meet his “daughter” Rachel, and Donnie killed Leekie in a total accident, which figures! Cosima was given stem cells from the mystery line, which turned out to be from…Kira’s tooth!

Tonight opens with a bald man with a gut wound being assisted by a masked accomplice–Sarah, disguised as a boy? Another clone? I should have read a recap first. Anyway, bleeding-out bald dude tells woman-with-bad-soul-patch that she has to find Beth Childs–“that cop.” Yowza!

Duncan is having his tea, and tells Mrs. S that he wants to be called Ethan–his given name–as long as he’s become a pawn in the Neo-Pro wars. Sarah, Felix, and Kira are reunited in the house at last, while Mrs. S’s men keep watch outside for Rachel.

Back at the lab, Cosima has changed the lab locks, so there’s trouble in paradise for sure. New guy Scott is psyched to watch the drama. He and Cos drill into Kira’s tooth (which Sarah has sent), but he tells her bone marrow would be better. Ew.

Alison’s out of rehab! And at first is all sweet to Donnie, who’s huddled under their comforter, freaked out about having killed a guy and married a clone. But when she snuggles up, all supportive-like, she smells vodka–Donnie’s getting trashed on Alison’s first day out of rehab! He is saved from her wrath only by the appearance of the kids.

Tony (our mystery guy/girl) pulls up to meet Beth, only to find Art. I still don’t know if Tony is meant to be a man and Tatiana’s makeup is bad, or a woman masquerading as a man.

Mrs. S’s house: Ethan is asking questions about Kira, which Sarah shuts down, but not before he points out that she’s the same age as when they took Rachel. Ruh-roh… Felix gets called away “to help Art with something.”

Delphine comes to report to Aldous, only to find Rachel in his office. Leekie’s dead (supposedly a heart attack on a company jet) and Rachel’s Delphine’s new boss. Too bad, so sad. She also knows that Leekie was hiding information, and that Cosima’s results might be a breakthrough.

Oh, that something Felix was helping with? It’s Tony, now hidden at Felix’s loft. He figures out right quick that Tony is a trans clone, and asks her a riddle that I don’t catch and Tony doesn’t answer. But they tell him that Felix and Art are friends of Beth, and that she’s dead. They leave Felix with Tony while Art goes to check out Tony’s story. (I am worried that Tony will just off Felix and steal everything in the apartment before Art gets back.)

Delphine has come to Mrs. S’s house with the news that Leekie is dead and Rachel is lying about it. So is Delphine the new Paul, basically? She says they need Duncan to combat Rachel.

Back at the lab, Cosima comes in to find that Scott has invited his Magic the Gathering group (or whatever) to play. She’s cool with it (how the hell did he let three presumably not-screened people into the lab?), but after they misapply a rule, she can’t help but intercede, and it turns out she loves this game! They invite her to play, which she does until she starts coughing up blood.

Delphine comes in, updates Cosima on the Leekie/Rachel front, and tells her that Kira’s tooth was only a short-term fix but that Duncan could have something more permanent.

Felix is trying to suss out Tony, who’s wandering around casing the joint. There’s some gendersass that turns into flirting, sort of, but Felix makes sure to hide the photo of Sarah. Felix thinks he’s got Tony’s number, but why do I suspect this ends with Felix tied up and Tony skipping town with anything of value in the place?

It’s the middle of the night Chez Allison, and she creeps downstairs to find Donnie, sneaking away. He tells her she’d be better off without him, but she’s all, “HELLZ NO you don’t get to do this.” Then he collapses in tears in her lap, apologizing for everything (including putting her in rehab and hating her mother). Honestly, I’m not clear why she wants to keep him.

Felix slips out “for booze,” but really to talk to Art, while Tony’s in the tub. The minute Felix steps up, Tony’s out and pawing through stuff again, this time getting to Felix’s paintings. Meanwhile, Art explains to Felix that Sammy got shot and whoever did it will be coming after Tony–formerly Antoinette Swickie (sp?) next. He also wants Felix to tell Tony he’s a clone; Felix (not unreasonably) is like, “Why am I doing all the heavy lifting, dude?” He goes back in with booze and finds Tony on the couch preparing his testosterone shot.

At Mrs. S’s, they’re ready to move with Duncan…but Felix would really like Sarah to come over and deal with the newest “naive clone” on his hands. He hangs up and Tony comes onto Felix again, even kissing him, but F seems a bit squicked out. It’s all posing, though because Tony found a painting of Sarah. Felix has some ‘splaining to do…

Cosima and Sarah have gotten baked, and after some ridiculous soft-focus antics, they collapse on a couch. Delphine tells Cosima, “Je t’aime,” and C is all, “ORLY? So “love” includes not telling me you were using Kira’s stem cells, and sending Leekie my blood samples when I expressly told you not to?” But Delphine pouts prettily and Cosima says, “Betray me again and I’ll ruin your career. Also, I love you.” Whatever. To be honest, these two don’t interest me any more.

Allison and Donnie have been up all night talking. She leans in for a kiss and says, “Please don’t think I’m horrible!” Donnie pulls away and says, awed, “I killed Dr. Leekie!” I didn’t realize Alison didn’t know, but this should be fun.

Tony is getting squirrelly and Felix is trying to stall him until Sarah gets there, since he knows Tony won’t believe the clone story without proof. Tony’s not having it, and finally gets out of the apartment…just in time to smack into Sarah on the stairs. Tony, meet your sister! Felix looks relieved that someone else can handle him for a while.

When we return from commercial, Tony’s relatively unfazed, considering. He’s mostly pleased that “we’re hot.” He’s also willing to convey Sammy’s message: “Tell Beth keep the faith. Paul’s like me. He’s on it. He’s a ghost.” Sammy, it turns out, was ex-military…and we conveniently cut to Rachel telling someone on the phone “Paul’s disappeared. No trace, no travel alerts…”

Duncan comes for tea! He wants to be father-daughter, but she’s not interested and says they’ll stay strictly professional. He says, “Do you remember when you were little and I used to read you The Island of Dr. Moreau?” Ethan, you might want to rethink your choice of bedtime stories.

Alison goes out to the car, because Donnie’s left Leekie’s body in the trunk! (Very poorly wrapped–Alison is NOT happy.) She’s even less happy when she finds out that Donnie used her gun and put it back in her gun locker, instead of throwing it in the lake like Martha Stewart would. Donnie is going to be the worst accomplice ever.

Back at Teatime with Rachel, Ethan remains a bit socially arrested as he chats with his erstwhile daughter. She asks him to tell her “Why Sarah?” That is, why could the “minder-less tramp” have a child when the rest of them couldn’t? Ethan says, “Rachel, she was the failure. We made you all barren by design.” Rachel takes this calmly, but then we cut to a blurry shot of her wiping everything off her desk. They intercut her cold demeanor with more shots of her trashing her office–but we return to cool Rachel, just introducing Delphine to Ethan so he can go meet Cosima. (Why is Rachel so upset? She doesn’t seem to have the ability to bond with other humans anymore, so what’s she gonna do with a kid?)

At the Clone Loft, Tony’s bags are packed and they’re putting him on a bus, complete with Clone Phone.

Back in the lab, Cosima finally tells Scott that she is 324B21. He actually takes it very charmingly, shaking her hand solemnly and saying it’s an honor to work with her. Delphine comes in with Ethan and makes introductions…just in time for Cosima to have a coughing fit, spew blood, collapse and start seizing. Delphine and Duncan are useless, as scientists go–just screaming and holding her hands.

And our last scene is Sarah and Kira asleep in the same bed. Kira wakes up early and starts perusing Ethan’s copy of Dr. Moreau, and we finally see more than the cover. And why was it so secret? Because it’s FILLED with Duncan’s equations! Whaddaya know…