New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter has her fingers in a lot of pies. She writes numerous series for two different publishers, and today XOXOAD is excited to share tastes of two of them with you! First up, we have an excerpt from BURNING DAWN (HQN, May 2014), the latest novel in her Angels of the Dark series. Thane, an angel assassin, rescues a beautiful slave from his latest foe…and finds that she incites his darkest desires. Will a slave girl become his conqueror?

Or perhaps you’d prefer something from BLACK AND BLUE (Pocket Books, November 2013), her newest Otherworld Assassin novel? When Corbin Blue, the most successful and lethal otherworlder ever born, sets his sights on surgeon Evie Black, he draws her into a world of seduction and intrigue that neither of them could ever have imagined…and which neither of them can live without.

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And last but definitely not least, Harlequin and Pocket have both graciously contributed two copies of each excerpted title below, so two lucky commenters can read the whole books! To enter, leave a comment with your answer to the question at the bottom of this post. Enjoy the reads!


from Burning Dawn:

Burning Dawn

Thane relaxed at the edge of a backless couch, his blond curls surprisingly tamed. I do not want to run my fingers through those curls. The robe he wore was a brilliant white, almost blinding, and without a speck of dirt. I do not want to peel the material from his body and feast on the muscles he displayed at camp.

She wasn’t attracted to him anymore.

Tension radiated from him, making him appear bigger, stronger. More aggressive.

I’m not intrigued by that.

I’m not drawn to him.

I’m scared. Right.

“Sit,” he said.

Though she wanted to run—because she was scared, dang it—she forced herself to claim the chair across from him. Already the air seemed drenched in the most expensive champagne, with hints of cinnamon, making her head swim. And this close to Thane, the scents only intensified. Did they come from him?

She crossed her legs in a vain attempt to slow the warmth stirring in her core.

Would she always react to him?

No, please, no.

At least she was out of her skimpy uniform and in the world’s most expensive pair of flannel pj’s. Bellorie had sold the soft, snuggly outfit for a sapphire brooch, a ruby choker and an emerald bracelet. Parting with the jewels hurt. Bad. But there was no way she would have shown up for this meeting so scantily dressed, and she had no other clothes.

Tomorrow, she and the girls were going shopping. She could hardly wait.

Thane sat on the coffee table in front of her, his knees caging her legs, and she breathed a sigh of relief. This wasn’t so bad. Then he placed scabbed-over palms on the tops of her thighs. The contact electrified her, and she had to mask a gasp with a cough. And, oh, his champagne scent was even stronger now, making the ache so much worse.

“What happened to your hands?” she asked in an effort to distract herself.

“What was deserved.”

O-kay. But why had he deserved to be cut? And did the wounds hurt him? Acting on impulse, she kissed the tip of her index finger and lightly pressed it on the angriest wound, as her mother used to do to her.

“There. They have to get better now.”

He sat very still, his expression frozen.

It hit her then. What she’d done—and to whom she’d done it.


from Black and Blue:

Black and Blue

Blue homed in on Evangeline. He felt like a hunter who’d just spotted the tastiest of prey. At her side, he noted the scent of honey and almonds wafting from her. The fire in his veins sizzled and smoked. “Miss Black, I’m–”

She sucked in a breath, the action so inherently sensual his body responded as though she’d stuffed her hand down his pants and gripped his length. Careful.

As her smile melted away, she turned in his direction. Their gazes collided, locked, and he experienced an instant shock of awareness. Her eyes were a rich, chocolate brown, and the longer she looked at him, the more her pupils dilated.

A sign of attraction.

I’m in trouble.

“I know who you are,” she finally said, her tone giving nothing away. “You’re Corbin Blue. Breaker of spines and hearts. A legend on and off the field. And an absolute, total tool.”

He ran his tongue over his teeth. Charm. Tkaing her hand–not that she’d offered–he pressed a kiss against her knuckles. Her skin was surprisingly callused and scarred, yet deliciously warm, and for the first time in his life he actually tingled from contact with another person…as if he were a woman overdosing on sappy romnantic comedies. He mentally berated himself.

“Please,” he gritted. “Call me Blue.”

Rose infused her cheeks as she jerked from his hold. “I suppose you may call me Evie.”

Formal tone, but oh, that blush…or was it a flush of deeper attraction?

Either way, instant hard-on.


Whew! No matter what she’s writing, Gena never fails to bring the heat! Now, we promised you a chance to win both of these terrific books, so here’s how to enter: leave us a comment below telling me which actor you think should play either Thane or Blue (and if you want to include a pic, we won’t mind!). Sweepstakes is open to U.S. residents only, alas–and please click here for the complete set of rules. Thanks again to Harlequin and HQN for participating in today’s post!