Disaster! Tivo failure! So I come in only for the last half an hour–I’m so sorry! But I’m here in time to tell you that Andi’s dress is ridonkulous–her rhinestones are getting bigger and bigger, so now she just looks like a human geode. She’s like a bad tribute in the Hunger Games.

Andi’s having a nice chat with Marquel when Eric interrupts, and asks to take Andi away for a minute. What follows is an incredibly perplexing exchange between them, but as far as I can tell, Andi had previously suggested that Eric didn’t seem to be perfectly honest or open with her. Eric says that he felt hurt that she thinks this, and in fact, felt the opposite–that Andi was not being honest. He says, “I didn’t come here to date a TV actress,” at which Andi is visibly nonplussed (if not pissed). Did Eric just initiate the most skillful neg in Bachelor history?

He says that he sees glimpses of “the real Andi,” but that mostly, he thinks she has a poker face. Andi is all, “Hell naw” and she is really pissed. She’s chewing him out now, saying that he has no idea how hard she works, how hard it is to send people home, and every time he says she’s different in front of the cameras, he’s insulting her. She basically feels that he’s called her fake, and he’s finally starting to look concerned that he misplayed his hand. She’s crying, and the Greek chorus of spying bachelors is all, “Is she crying? What’s he doing? She shouldn’t be crying right now…” but does nothing.

And here it is: “I think you and I both know in this moment that it won’t work.” Eric has blown it. Andi goes back to address the whole group, giving them the “I am exhausted!” speech we’ve seen promoed for two weeks now. “If you don’t think this is real, the door is right there.” No one uses the door.

(As an aside, should she be this tired after two weeks? Pace yourself, girl.)

Eric’s departure is without fanfare–he walks through an empty hotel lobby and into a yellow cab. NO LIMO FOR YOU ONE YEAR. (Strangely, he walks around the cab to get in from the far side, though that is less convenient.) Eric just wants love, and explains it by saying “real” about 100 times. I thought he was going to go further. (But no wonder they didn’t want to edit him out, right? They would have lost this whole scene!)

We come back from commercial, not to Andi, but to Chris Harrison. He tells us we’ve just seen Eric sent home, where he was subsequently killed in a paragliding accident, so rather than airing a rose ceremony, he’s interviewing Andi about Eric. They express their condolences to Eric’s family, sing Eric’s praises, and then talk about Andi’s fight. She regrets that this dismissal was her last conversation with Eric, rather than having an opportunity to set things right at the “Men Tell All” meeting. I confess this is starting to feel way too “all about Andi,” considering that to her, he was just a guy she fake-dated twice.

Chris wraps up thanking Andi for being “so candid and honest,” which feels a little pointed. And then he explains that they aren’t going to show the rose ceremony–but Tasos was the only guy to get the boot. Poor Tasos! Doesn’t even get his last bit of screen time. But they felt it was important to make tonight “about Eric”–and I’m sure his parents are comforted by watching him make a girl cry.

See you all next week, when I promise to avoid a #BacheloretteFail!