New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase can hardly contain her excitement for RT in NEW ORLEANS! And after traveling to 7 different cities in 5 days on the #BellesOnWheels bus tour, she’s more than happy to stay in one city for a while! Grab a beignet and read on to get a taste of NOLA!


Getting There

Greetings from the road on Day 5 of the Belles On Wheels Gallery Bus Tour! What an amazing trip it’s been so far. We’ve all had a great time meeting so many enthusiastic readers at each of our signings! At the moment we’re somewhere between Mississippi and Louisiana, talking books and writing, laughing, enjoying one another’s company…talking. Who knew writers could be so chatty? Our driver has my utmost sympathies – though I suspect he’s secretly fascinated by our stories.

Or he’s secretly wearing earplugs.

Anyway, let’s talk NOLA 2014! RT is a fantastic meeting of readers, authors and industry professionals. This is my first trip to RT and to New Orleans – I couldn’t be more excited. There are many panels, Q & A’s and workshops that are on my ‘Must Do’ list. I’m thrilled to be signing at the Giant Book Fair on Saturday May 17th and the FANtastic event that follows from at 7:15. I hope many readers who’ve fallen in love with the Tangled Series will be able to attend. As a reader myself, I’m also looking forward to meeting some of my favorite authors who’ll be there as well. Oh yes – there will be fangirling.

I’m also really excited to check out the New Orleans nightlife. There are some pretty wild stories about the French Quarter – I’ll let you know if they’re true (please, please be true). Everyone knows RT just isn’t a convention – it’s a party. Hope to see you at the numerous celebrations and afterparties (Bar Crawl anyone?)

In between workshops and events, I definitely plan on exploring the historical aspect of New Orleans. There’s an after dark tour of NOLA’s most notoriously haunted spots – and if there’s any other fellow American Horror Story Coven fans reading this – I’ll see you at Madame LaLaurie’s Mansion!

Last but certainly not least, I’m excited to partake in the unique food (and drink) of New Orleans. I have a list of restaurants and bakeries which I’ve been told by trusted friends, offer culinary delights that will change my life.

For this post, I was asked to talk about what I was most excited about attending NOLA 2014. The answer, simply, is everything. The history of New Orleans, the food, the celebration of books at RT and most of all, to meet readers and authors to discuss and honor the terrific stories we all love.

See you soon!