New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Probst gives some helpful tips for relaxing on the road, straight from the Belles on Wheels bus tour! Be sure to grab a copy of Jennifer’s newest book, SEARCHING FOR PERFECT, the second installment in her sizzling Searching For series, now available from Gallery Books!


Is there anything more chaotic, adventurous and fun than a road trip?

Picture this: Ten romance authors on the open road of the South, pounding on their keyboards because we all have deadlines, listening to some great music, engaging in fun gossip, and  making plans to party with our readers at the next stop?

Or is it more like this:

Ten romance authors who are sleep deprived from late night partying and early wake up calls, consistently going back and forth into their luggage for one more item they forgot, juggling social media and their next deadline while the bus bounces up and down along southern country roads for hours and hours at a time?

Nah, the first one!

But still, road trips can be stressful, so there are a few things I like to do to make the experience more relaxed. Ready for the secrets?

1. Remind yourself you have no cooking, cleaning, or childcare responsibilities. I think that’s it for the post. No need to go further! Of course I miss my kids, but to be honest, this is a lot of fun. I get to eat in restaurants, never have to make a bed, and  haven’t listened to my boys hold their famous farting contests in a while. My husband is also learning to appreciate me even more *insert wicked laugh*

2. Lean on Female Friendship. Women rock. Especially romance writing women. Especially the ones on the Belles on Wheels. Whether it be to loan me something I left behind, tell me I have a piece of green stuck between my teeth, give me a good laugh, or still look fascinated by my plot complication that’s taken  over an hour to properly explain, I’m  not alone.

3. Distractions. Good music. A rousing game of beer pong (umm, not that we did that game or anything). A great book on the Kindle. Interesting conversations. Gorgeous scenery. There are so many wonderful distractions to take the pressure off and allow us to enjoy the trip.

4. Food. Junk food. Come on, let’s be honest, when you’re on the road, you get to ease off on strict nutrition and diets. Bring on the snack size chips and the beef jerky truck stops. Life is good.

5. Shoes. Yep. I said shoes. Look, I’m pretty much holed up in my office for days in yoga pants and a t-shirt with slippers or fuzzy socks. I love shoes. I not only get to wear a bunch of different ones for each stop, but I also get to look at all the other shoes my friends are wearing. It’s like a win/win. Oh, and I get to wear real makeup and dress up clothes too. So. Cool.

Looking forward to meeting readers at all the stops on the #bellesonwheels tour! Make sure you come out to meet us!