Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! On this Mother’s Day, I’m out and about with nine other fabulous women on the Belles On Wheels tour, so we’re all away from our families today. Being away on holidays is something that I’ll have to get used to because my schedule is packed this year. I’ll be in Europe over the 4th of July and in Australia over the Thanksgiving weekend, so I’ll be away from my family then too.

I never dreamed in a million years that my job would eventually lead me into so much travel! I love it. I have the opportunity to see things that I might never be able to see otherwise. I get to spend a week in the deep South this week, and travel all over the world meeting some amazing people. My readers are the BEST. No matter where I am, whether it’s New York City or London, I’m always greeted with welcoming smiles and warm hugs.

I admit that it’s been a challenge to learn to balance all of the travel with my family life. I wish I could say yes to every invitation I receive, but if I did, I’d be gone much more than I’d be home. So, I’m trying to say yes to events that bring me to new places and new readers, while cutting back a bit on travel so I can not only see my husband and kids, but also devote time to writing.

I hope I get the chance to see each of you at events this year! You can find my complete travel calendar on my website at www.kristenproby.com.