It’s time to kick off this #BellesOnWheels Bus Tour and our lovely Belles are helping us out from the road! For the next week, XOXOAD is bringing you exclusive content written by our lovely indie authors who are traveling the south in style. (No really, it’s stylish. You should see this bus.) Be sure to check back every day this week and next to get an inside look at what it’s like to be on the road with the Gallery Gals. First up … Christina Lauren!


We each did a fair amount of travel before we sold Beautiful Bastard to Gallery Books. We live 724 miles apart—not that we’ve checked—so pretty frequent trips back and forth to see each other weren’t anything out of the ordinary. Fast-forward a year and six books later (seven! counting Sweet Filthy Boy out May 13th) and it’s safe to say the people at the Delta counter are starting to recognize us.

There are a few things that are total must-haves when traveling—phones, favorite pajamas, luggage that stands up to being tossed around airport conveyer belts—and some that are specific to each person. Here are a few of our absolute-favorite-try-and-get-us-out-of-the-house-without-them items.

Cords: Between the two of us we carry roughly 365 different cords. We wish this were an exaggeration. Between iPhones, iPads, laptops, noise canceling headphones, etc, etc, we seem to have a million of those damn white cords. AND YET, never one in your purse when you need it.

Portable chargers: Definitely a lifesaver. Signings are all day events and we’re always checking email, texts, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the wait times at Disneyland. What? Our favorite is by Trent. It’s a little on the heavy side at 13 ounces but has two USB ports, fits nicely in a smallish bag, and can charge an iPhone up to four times. Everyone needs this.

Sheets: Ok, this sounds strange at first, but trust us, it makes sense. For Lo, this means spreadsheets. Nothing will ever illustrate the difference between us more than looking at our suitcases while on the road, or popping in while getting ready for an event. Lo spreadsheets each day we’re away right down to shoes and accessories. Christina loves to tease her about this, but she’s definitely not laughing when she’s sobbing over what she’s going to wear while Lo looks on smugly, ready to go and with time to kill.

Christina’s sheet is a little different. She’ll be the first to tell you she’s ridiculously sentimental and holds on to things until they fall apart, her Heart Sheet (a sheet that’s been on her bed since she was 8) is long past the fall apart stage. This thing is in tatters, and is so thin you could read a book through it. But find her at any event and she’ll assure you it’s in their hotel, safely tucked away in her suitcase. Probably because Lo reminded her to take it out of the bed so it didn’t end up in the hotel laundry. Again.

iPads: What did people do before these amazing inventions? Our books are in there, our beloved Echofon, and our families thanks to FaceTime.

Louis and Harry: You heard that right. Anyone that knows us knows we’re a bit on the silly side. Which is why our Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles dolls (we mean action figures!) travel with us to events. Follow us on Instagram and you may see them lounging on the bed reading a copy of The Thorn Birds, or just standing in the window taking in the view. They’re the official Team CLo mascots and have been everywhere from San Diego to Orlando to Paris.

Notebooks: This one is obvious because hello, writers. Lo always has a notebook with her to jot down little ideas, along with a tiny bag of colored pens. Each book we’re working on/toying with has a different pen and a different section in the notebook.

Lip gloss: You will never, never find Christina without at least two tubes of lip gloss in her purse and enough grooming and/or miscellaneous products to make a drag queen/MacGyver proud.