Erotica author Nicole Camden popped by XOXO to chat with us “On Pink Wigs and Split Personalities.” Read on for, shall we say, some surprising reveals?

When people meet me, and find out I write erotica—cuz my mom insists on telling everyone (Jeez, mom. Grandma? Really) –they get this squinty-eyed, one-eyebrow raised look on their face. I can almost read their thoughts…”You? But…hrmmm…you’re so normal.”

Of course, all romance writers know that the nerdiest, most normal-looking peeps can write smut that will light your hair on fire. And anyone who knows me well knows that I’m far from normal. Still, they’re not wrong. I have a normal(ish) side and a side that likes to put on a pink wig and a corset top and dance around to Beyoncé. Shout out to H-town, B.

At one of my first RWA conferences way back in 2003—I think it was in New York—I was sitting in one of those little waiting rooms drinking coffee (of course) and talking to the other writers at the table. I mentioned that I was writing erotica as Nicole Camden, and one of them said, “Just wait, you’ll want to write romantic suspense, too.”

She was right. Maybe all writers do this. We have all these people inside us, all these ideas and characters, and it just feels wrong to keep all the stories in one box. Or maybe I have a split personality. It would explain quite a bit.

So, some of you may already know this, because I haven’t kept it that big a secret, but I also write romantic suspense as Deirdre Dore. My book STRINGS OF FATE was released in January and the second book in the series, WHISPERS OF FATE, is being released today! The final book in the series KISS OF FATE will be released in September.

These stories have been floating around in my head since I was a kid on my grandparent’s farm, and are very dear to my heart. Mom, you can tell grandma about these to your heart’s content, though I’m glad they’re in ebook so she can’t read them…I know I’m married now, but still.

Everyone else, I hope you read them and love them as much as I do!


Nikki C
(and Deirdre Dore)