USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog has a great article today: some famous romance authors reminisce about their favorite childhood toys! Writers like Kathleen Eagle, Judith Arnold and more tell us of their love for Jem and the Holograms, toy horses and the like. Are your favorite writers–or toys–included?

Here’s a taste of it:

Linda Grimes, author of Quick Fix

For me, childhood was all about my love affair with horses. Horse books (the Walter Farley Black Stallion books and Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty, in particular), riding lessons and shows, and, of course, my beloved Breyer horses. Those little plastic embodiments of the equine spirit fed my junior-equestrian soul. I never had a real horse of my own, but that almost (almost) didn’t matter once my mom started a model horse collection for me. If I had to pick a favorite toy, it would be the bald-face, white-maned black horse that has one leg lifted as if in motion. I still have him — he lives in the barn my husband built for me (oh, all right — he actually made it for our daughter, who inherited my love of horsey things, but she left it here when she got married, so it’s mine now, right?). Every now and then, I get Black Beauty out (along with his compatriots) and allow myself to get lost in the happy memories.

The barn Linda Grimes used for her toy horses (photo: Linda Grimes via USA Today)
The barn Linda Grimes used for her toy horses (photo: Linda Grimes via USA Today)


You can read the rest here. What childhood toys are still your inspiration?

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