This show moves so quickly that every scene is like 30 seconds long! Makes for huge recaps that aren’t that funny. Sorry, guys–I’ll try to be a little livelier!

Felix and Sarah wake up in their truck, having slept out in a field all night. They talk a little about how freaky it is that their foster mom is apparently a sharpshooter who’s possibly in league with one or more secret societies. And then Felix steps in a cow pie and freaks, so I guess it’s just another day in paradise for this little band of brothers.

Back at Birdwatcher Manor, a mysterious lawyerly sort comes in, checks out Uncle and Auntie, but touches nothing. We then see the cleanup crew–the Vet and Creepy Acolyte, who soak the place in gasoline and torch it while Mystery Lawyer watches from the bushes. Jeez, I really need to get some names on these people, because a whole bunch of them have the same short hair and dead eyes that are used for “I blend with the establishment but am secretly batshit evil-crazy.” Give me a break, show!

Back to our Core Clone, we see her running a little grift with Felix and pulling Kira into the game–nice parenting, Sarah. (Kira fake-shoplifts something to distract the kindly redneck storekeeper while Felix, in another aisle, cleans him out.) Oh, but after, Sarah tells Kira, “That thing we did at the store? We don’t do that unless we have to.” “I know, Mom.” Guess that’s settled, then.

Super-short scene with Art and Angie that is over before I can type it.

Alison is passive-aggressively vacuuming around a sleeping Donny on the couch. Donny claims he’s playing hooky because his boss is away, and tries to get Alison to burn off some of her tension with him, humina humina. Let’s just say Alison is not interested in any Donnercizing.

At Dyad, Delphine and Cosima are poking around Leekie’s lab, and Delphine shows Cosima a tape of yet another clone! Jennifer is a teacher and swim coach who had mysterious polyps on her lungs, and died 3 days ago. Ruh-roh. Cosima recognizes that her prognosis is not so great.

Sarah and Kira are settling into a little farmhouse bedroom somewhere. Tickle fight ensues, while out on the road somewhere a cop is calling in the abandoned truck.

Grace and Creepy Acolyte peer at Helena through the window, C.A. marveling that “only God” could make the clones fertile. Grace tiptoes in with Helena’s dinner and tells Helena that “Farmer wants you to join our family.” Helena says drily, “I already have a family. I have a twin.” Then she asks after Tomas and is told that he went back to Europe, news Helena greets by spitting on the floor in satisfaction.

Back to Farmhouse Hideaway, and someone is coming in! Run run run! And OMG, it’s Liam-slash-new-Daario! Man, this guy is having a banner year. Turns out this isn’t just a random farmhouse…Sarah knows Liam (er, Cal). Like, knows knows him. And oh, hey, Kira, I want you to meet your daddy! Well, this is an interesting turn of events. Felix is goggling in shock and glee. After some surly ex talk, the guy (who doesn’t fully believe Kira is his) tells Sarah she can stay another night if she promises not to steal anything.

Community Center parking lot! A strange woman sneaks up on Alison, claiming that she’s locked her keys and phone in her car, and can she borrow Alison’s to call her husband. Alison allows it, but doesn’t believe the woman’s story that she just moved into the neighborhood and lights out asap.

Sarah is explaining the sudden appearance of a father figure to Kira, while downstairs Felix interrogates said father figure. You’ll never guess what Cal does for a living, y’all–he builds pollinators! That’s not at all coincidental, I’m sure. He says his pollinating drones are for places with low bee populations, but c’mon.

Back at Dyad, the world’s most depressing film festival continues. Cosima is saddened to see a dying clone being nursed by the man who Delphine admits is her monitor–it all feels like false hope to Cosima. But Delphine will make it up to her by letting Cosima examine the clone’s corpse. Um, yay?

Felix is pissed that Sarah lied to him about a) not knowing who Kira’s dad was and b) not coming to his house intentionally. But really he’s upset because he hasn’t signed on for a life on the run with Sarah and Kira, and doesn’t see a place for him in her new career as fugitive and single mom. Plus, Alison needs him for the musical! (Seriously, don’t we all want to see the thing at this point? What possible story must it convey?)

Eww. We’re getting an up close & personal look at the autopsy of Jennifer, and it’s pretty gross. But the important info is that they find mature growths inside the uterine wall, which are more mature than the lung growths, meaning they are the likely cause of the clones’ infertility. Alison calls while Cosima’s wrist-deep in guts, breathlessly telling her that she’s being “double-monitored” by New Neighbor and thus Delphine can’t be trusted. Cosima fumbles a bit, but seems to blow Alison off with a kind word about her play. Alison goes back to day drinking and pill popping, which should make her performance even more intense.

Back at the cabin, we see Felix hitching a ride home (I was sure we were going to find out that it was Creepy Acolyte driving, but we don’t) and Sarah and Cal are having a tete a tete at the kitchen table. Just as things are warming up, the local sheriff pulls up to investigate the shoplifting reports–fortunately, he and Cal are buds, and so the cop turns a blind eye to the candy wrapper left outside on the porch. The cop leaves, and Cal comes back in to find Sarah packing her things. But wait! There’s time to jump Cal’s bones. That’s the one constant in every role this guy plays.

Alison is confronted in the parking lot again by New Neighbor, and she turns on the woman, saying that she knows who she is. The woman confesses that she’s Angie, and she’s asking about Sarah and Beth. Doh! Alison suddenly realizes that this isn’t a monitor, she’s a cop. But no time for that, because it’s SHOWTIME! Alison is drinking her face off and freaking out as Weirdo Director gathers the cast for a little prayer circle in Aynsley’s name. She sees Donny in the front row, and Felix is in the audience as well! Awww, he’s a good friend. Cut to what I assume is the climactic number, and Alison is crumbling under the “the play’s the thing/by which we’ll catch the conscience of the king” motif. As she belts out the lyrics announcing that she would have covered up any crime, but she “knew you were watching,” she aims those lines right at Donny, staggering forward until she falls clean off the stage. Understudy!

Oof. Creepy Lawyer from Birdwatcher Manor has found local law enforcement and claims to be involved in a child custody case. Meanwhile, Art has driven out to the Farm and is photographing Friendly But Murderous Vet and Gracie, who are having a conversation. Vet knows that Gracie doesn’t like Helena, thinking she’s a monster. FBMV is all kindly, but basically tells her to listen and she can hear God–also that, “Gracie, my firstborn, Helena is here and she is a part of our family now.”

Oh, Friendly Sheriff pulls over Sketchy Lawyer and basically says, “You’ve been asking too many questions.” That doesn’t dissuade SL, who drives right to Cal’s house, where Kira is happily feeding the chickens while Sarah and Cal hang out in the kitchen, paying absolutely no attention. Seriously, Sarah? You are a shitty mom. You already know people are looking for you AT THIS HOUSE. And sure enough, the SL grabs Kira, who screams for her mom (and it takes THREE TIMES for Sarah to hear her and react!). At that point, the guy has pulled a gun on Sarah, but she wrestles with him and Kira runs away to Cal. Cal’s sheriff friend pulls up and it looks like he’ll save the day, but SL shoots him a bunch of times and dispatch doesn’t seem to hear his “Officer Down” radio call. Sarah gets shoved into a car and it appears she’s now captured.

Must be Sunday at the farm, Because FBMV is leading a service at Helena’s bedside. They’ve dressed her in a wedding gown, and the rest of the group is all dressed in white. Helena seems drugged as they handfast her to FBMV, who prays to God to save Helena from “eternal damnation.” Gracie pointedly doesn’t say “amen” when everyone else does. So I guess congratulations are in order? FBMV picks her up and walks her down the hallway in dramatic Drug-O-Vision.

Sketchy Lawyer made Sarah drive, which seemed like an odd choice, but allows him to study the Project Leda photo he took off her when he frisked her. Sarah refuses to say anything about it, and he calls in to his people, whoever they are, that he has Sarah “but not the girl.”  Just as I’m wondering why Sarah doesn’t just drive the car into a tree and try to immobilize her captor, SMASH! They’re T-boned by a truck. (Is it the stolen farm truck? Can’t tell.)

And that’s all till next time! Remember not to trust your monitors!

Cal-Liam-Daario says, "Watch me before I'm cast in yet another show. I'm so tired."
Cal-Liam-Daario says, “Watch me before I’m cast in yet another show. I’m so tired.”