Our sizzling erotica author Nicole Camden has some spicy secrets to spill… check out her post, below! The first installment in FETISH QUEEN, Nicole’s brand-new, hotter-than-hot e-serial, comes out 4/21!


Shhhh…I have a secret.

Actually, I have a lot of secrets. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, some are not that secret anymore. Jeez, Twitter and Facebook are like the anathema of secrets. Thank God I’m anti-selfies. But what’s wrong with secrets? They’re great. Writers love secrets. Secrets. Lies. A dead body. Accidental nakedness. But I’m getting away from myself…happens all the time. Sometimes I run completely away from myself and am a different person altogether. It happens when I read a good book, when I write one, or when I put on a wig—don’t ask me why, or how many I own. The truth is that all my readers know a few of my secrets because you’ve read my books, and I can’t thank you enough for that. I hope you read THE FETISH QUEEN and like it too. That’s one of my secrets…how much I want you to like my books. We writers tell ourselves that we’d be happy just writing a book even if no one ever read it, but that’s a big fat one. Stories are meant to be shared. So thanks again, readers, for sharing mine. I hope you continue to read them and tell me what you loved and what you hated…Well, maybe not hated…lol. I want you to love my books so much that you buy them before you’ve even read the description. I want to you to love them even if I’m writing a different genre or under a different—oops—that’s a secret I’m keeping…for now.

Until next time.


Nikki C